UFC Fight Night: Barboza vs Murphy Payouts



UFC Vegas 92 will not impress with record-breaking purses but it is quite interesting how Edson Barboza still makes more money than the majority of UFC fighters. Here is everything we know about the Barboza vs Murphy payouts.

UFC Fighter Pay: What Will Barboza vs Murphy Be Paid at UFC Vegas 92?

Edson Barboza has been part of the UFC roster since 2010 and over the years, he has fought most of the all-time greats at lightweight. He is a former Renaissance MMA and Ring of Combat champion and is a fan-favorite within the UFC community.

Despite never winning the title or even fighting for it, Edson Barboza has consistently been earning a lot of money per fight. He last fought Sodiq Yusuff in October 2023 and reportedly earned at least $465,000 for his win.

This sum includes his base salary, the win bonus, the $50k Fight of the Night bonus, and other sponsorships and incentives. It is fair to assume that his guaranteed purse was around $300,000.

There is no doubt that he will sit at the top of the Barboza vs Murphy payouts. Yet again, he will probably earn less than last time. There have been reports of a $250,000 purse and it sounds about right.

As for Lerone Murphy, he has been in the UFC since 2019 and has been quite inactive since then. He fought only six times since his debut and is finally getting his big chance against a UFC legend.

As far as we know, Murphy's highest paycheck was $36,000 when he fought Culibao in July 2023. For this one, we expect him to make at least $125,000-150,000. It is the main event fight after all.

Barboza vs Murphy Payouts: What The Rest of the Card Can Expect

While the purses of the lesser-known fighters often remain a mystery until months after the event, we can predict the potential payouts of several other athletes.

Other than the main event pair, Khaos Williams is predicted to make the next-highest purse – somewhere around $150,000. In contrast, there have been reports of a $50,000 purse for his opponent, Carlston Harris, which makes for a considerable difference.

We know that Adrian Yanez made $66,000 from his last fight and since it ended in defeat, we doubt that he will get an increase.

Luana Pinheiro is an interesting case. We have no information about the size of her paycheck but we feel the urge to remind you that she gets paid in Bitcoins.

Angela Hill has been one of the highest-paid female fighters in the UFC, despite her bad results in recent times. We expect her to earn around $100,000 for this fight. She made more than $150,000 per fight on several occasions in recent years already.

Overall, these are the more significant Barboza vs Murphy payouts that we can confidently discuss. The rest of the fighters have either kept their previous earnings private or simply do not earn enough to attract attention.

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