Ramirez vs Barthelemy Prediction: Jaguar On The Hunt



Ramirez vs Barthelemy Prediction: Jaguar On The Hunt

While we don't often see Fresno, California getting a big time boxing card, that's exactly where our Ramirez vs Barthelemy prediction will be taking place.

Then again, Fresno has been the home of Jose Ramirez's last two fights — and both proved to be successful for the Northern California native.

But will this fight against Rances Barthelemy prove to be his toughest test? If Barthelemy's record is any indication, this won't be any walk in the park for Ramirez.

Although our Jose Ramirez vs Rances Barthelemy prediction will explain why these fighters' records don't tell the entire story.

Ramirez vs Barthelemy Prediction

Jose Ramirez Preview

Jose “Jaguar” Ramirez — an American boxer with a 28-1 record, which includes 18 KO victories — has bounced back from a devastating loss against Josh Taylor in 2021 with two impressive wins.

The absolutely brutal body shot finish that Ramirez landed against Richard Commey last March provides us with a blueprint of what we can expect to see this weekend.

Ramirez can enter this fight feeling confident that he has the power advantage. With this in mind, “Jaguar” can focus on being the hunter, rather than being the prey against Barthelemy.

What we mean by this is that we expect Ramirez to remain on the front foot. Our Ramirez vs Barthelemy prediction is that Ramirez will be able to pick and choose his shots at will, and keep peppering his opponent with enough body shots to tire him out and lower his guard.

And as soon as Barthelemy starts to lower his hands to protect against the body, that will open up opportunities for “Jaguar” to go for the killing blow.

Rances Barthelemy Preview

Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy — a Cuban boxer with a 30-2-1 professional record, which includes 15 KO victories — might be best known in the boxing world for the dud title fight he had back in 2019.

Which is a shame, because Barthelemy is a former champion that has produced some impressive past performances.

What stands out most when watching Barthelemy fight is the speed with which he punches. While he doesn't have too much power compared to other fighters in his weight class, he can usually make up for that lack with sheer speed.

Although our Jose Ramirez vs Rances Barthelemy prediction is that Barthelemy won't be able to rely on that quickness advantage against Ramirez.

Now 37 years old, “Kid Blast” is not a kid anymore, and doesn't have that same speed. This presents a problem for him on Saturday night.

Jose Ramirez vs Rances Barthelemy: Ramirez Runs Away With It

Our official Ramirez vs Barthelemy prediction is that Ramirez will win this fight. 

We think that Ramirez has looked better than ever since losing to Taylor in 2021. And while the betting odds suggest that his most likely path to victory is by earning a decision, we think taking Ramirez to win by knockout — currently available at +140 — is a great bet to make.

We also think he will secure that KO in Under 10.5 rounds, which is currently +160.

Let's see whether “Jaguar” can keep his win streak alive.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.