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Lopez vs Ortiz Odds: Who’s Taking the World Title Home?



A rare midweek title match awaits us as Teofimo Lopez looks to defend his newly acquired WBO welterweight title against Jamaine Ortiz. We see few surprises in the betting markets but here are the best Lopez vs Ortiz odds.

Boxing Odds: The Best Lopez vs Ortiz Odds

Lopez vs Ortiz Odds – Moneyline

Jamaine Ortiz has been given the biggest opportunity in his career, despite losing fairly recently and being very inactive since then. He is facing one of the most-decorated fighters of the younger generation and this is why he has been given zero chances by bookmakers. You can bet on Lopez to retain his title at -600 while the upset is currently paying +400.

Boxing Odds – Lopez vs Ortiz Method of Victory

With this market, you can pick the exact way that either fighter will win on Thursday evening. As we saw above, there is no point betting on the moneyline unless you believe that Jamaine Ortiz has what it takes to bring forward the biggest upset since the start of the new year. With this said, here are the odds:

• Lopez to Win via KO/TKO or DQ: +162

• Lopez to Win via Decision: -110

• Draw: +1800

• Ortiz to Win via KO/TKO or DQ: +1000

• Ortiz to win via Decision: +800

Lopez vs Ortiz Round to Win Odds

While there are some valuable options in the aforementioned market, the best odds are always in the Round to Win section. This market allows us to bet on the exact round in which a bout will end. While this is hardly the most convenient match for confident predictions, we have to take a look at the Lopez vs Ortiz odds.

• Round 1: Nobody expects a first-round finish in a title match, so the odds are quite high. You can bet on Lopez to win at +6600 or +10000 for Ortiz.

• Round 2: Betting on a KO/TKO in this round will pay +4000 for the champion and +10000 for Ortiz.

• Round 3: The odds for the win in the third round are +3300 for Lopez and +10000 for Ortiz.

• Round 4: You can bet on the finish in this round at +2500 for the champion and +10000 for Ortiz.

• Round 5: We finally see a change and you can bet on Ortiz to win in this round at +8000 or +2000 for Lopez.

• Round 6: Betting on the win in this round is paying +1600 for Ortiz and +8000 for Ortiz.

• Round 7: Bet on the win in the 7th round at +1600 for Ortiz and +6600 for Ortiz.

• Round 8: You can pick this round at +1600 and +6600 again.

• Round 9: No changes here as the odds are the same – Lopez (+1600) and Ortiz (+6600.

• Round 10: Bet on the win in this round at +1600 for the champ and +8000 for the challenger.

• Round 11: The odds for the 11th-round win are currently +2000 for Lopez and +8000 for Ortiz.

• Round 12: The late finish has been valued at +2500 for the champion and +10000 for Ortiz.

Lopez vs Ortiz Odds – Round Group Betting

Bookmakers clearly expect this fight to reach the scorecards but knowing that Lopez has 13 knockouts in 19 wins makes us believe that there is value in betting on the win in the late rounds. Luckily, bookmakers have created the perfect market – Round Group Betting. In this section, you can bet on a group of rounds in which the fight would end.

• Rounds 1-3: Bet on Teofimo Lopez at +1600 or Jamaine Ortiz at +6600.
• Rounds 4-6: Bet on the champion at +750 or the challenger at +3300.
• Rounds 7-9: Bet on Lopez at +550 or Ortiz at +2800.
• Rounds 10-12: Bet on the late win at +750 for Lopez or +3300 for Ortiz.

Best Boxing Betting Odds from the Rest of the Card

Traditionally, there is a solid undercard before we get to watch the title match. As you can see from the odds below, bookmakers expect most bouts to be extremely one-sided.

• Super lightweight: Teofimo Lopez (-600) vs Jamaine Ortiz (+400)
• Lightweight: Keyshawn Davis (-900) vs Jose Pedraza (+550)
• Lightweight: George Acosta (-320) vs Rene Tellez Giron (+235)
• Super lightweight: Abdullah Mason (-5000) vs Benjamin Gurment (+1500)
• Lightweight: Charlie Sheehy (-2000) vs Abdel Sauceda (+950)
• Middleweight: Javier Martinez () vs Raul Salomon ()
• Super lightweight: Alan Garcia () vs Tomas Ornelas ()
• Heavyweight: Antonio Zepeda () vs Lemis Isom Riley ()
• Super lightweight: Art Barrera Jr () vs Michael Portales ()

Now that you have seen the main Lopez vs Ortiz odds, you can start considering the best picks for this event. Several of the early bouts have not yet appeared in the directory and we will update you with the odds once they get released.

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