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Lilley vs Tenaglia Prediction: Knockout Loading In 3, 2, 1…



BKFC 60 is here with three title bouts and a solid undercard that promises a night of blood and violence in Milton Keynes. Here is our Lilley vs Tenaglia prediction.

BKFC 60: Lilley vs Tenaglia Prediction

James Lilley Preview

Mr. James Lilley has been involved in martial arts since his childhood as his father was once a boxer. Surprisingly, he trained in Kung Fu before following his father's footsteps and trying a zero-kicks sport (he said he never learned how to kick properly).

He actually had a brief professional MMA career and fought primarily on a local level, scoring a record of 5-6-0 before turning his attention to bare-knuckle fighting. Unlike many others, he found his success in the toughest discipline and currently holds a pro bare-knuckle record of 8-1-1.

He was cruising through the opposition like it was nothing until he faced Luis Palomino in June 2023 for his BKFC lightweight championship. It was a proper banger and statistically, it was even more interesting. James was more active and threw 164 punches next to the 109 of the champ but landed less than him overall. He lost via decision after five rounds.

This fight pretty much sums up Lilley's style and strengths. He is a proactive fighter who has a solid fight IQ and unbelievable power. Apart from the decision loss, he won his four previous bouts by early stoppages. Due to these incredible stats, he was given a chance to fight for the title despite losing his last scrap.

James Lilley enters this contest as a solid favorite but before we can give our final Lilley vs Tenaglia prediction, we have to discuss his opponent.

Franco Tenaglia Preview

Franco Tenaglia is a curious fighter as he currently fights literally everywhere. When you look at his resume since turning pro, he fought in MMA, BKFC, and other Spanish and Polish bare-knuckle competitions that are nowhere near the level of this league. But he is keeping himself busy, fighting 11 times in all those disciplines since late 2020.

After growing up in the tough streets of Argentina, he is an absolute beast when it comes to mentality and determination. His MMA record is 2-2-0 right now and he remains undefeated in the BKFC after fighting twice. On his second outing, he faced the tough Luke Nevin and destroyed him. No wonder he received this massive chance to win a title this early in his career.

Despite being the underdog, there is a potential chance for an upset and we definitely think that Tenaglia will make this competitive. He won both of his BKFC bouts via knockout.

James Lilley vs Franco Tenaglia Prediction: The New European Lightweight Champion Will Be British

There is absolutely zero chance that this main event reaches the scorecards. Well, maybe a 1% chance or something like that but both fighters become absolute savages as soon as the match begins.

Of course, betting on bare-knuckle fighting is a tad more difficult than MMA or boxing. It's one thing getting hit with gloves – it is tough, yet getting hit without gloves means that anyone can get knocked out before you can blink.

We believe that Tenaglia is a fierce fighter but we are confident that Lilley will win this title. BKFC is his main focus while Franco is jumping from sport to sport and is far less experienced overall. Our final Lilley vs Tenaglia prediction is for an early win for “Lights Out”.

Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.