Wilder vs Helenius Prediction and Odds: Our take on tonight’s big fight



Fight night is finally here after a few weeks without headline action in the ring. This time out, we’ve got Deontay Wilder going up against Robert Helenius. This heavyweight clash promises to be a special event, with both guys having plenty to offer. Of course, we’ve also taken it upon ourselves to produce a Wilder vs Helenius prediction to accompany this fight overview. So if you’re excited and ready to watch this fight unfold, why not see what this bout will entail by scanning through the information shared below?

wilder vs helenius prediction

Our Wilder vs Helenius predictions: An inevitable KO by the American?

Deontay Wilder: 42 wins (41 KOs), 2 losses, 1 draw

As with any heavyweight boxing fight, or any boxing fight in general for that matter, it’s good to look at a fighter’s current status. In the case of Deontay Wilder, he’s one of the biggest hitters there has ever been in the sport. After all, he didn’t gain the nickname of the ‘Bronze Bomber’ by chance. Wilder has KO’d 41 opponents from his 42 career wins, which shows scary figures. However, at yesterday’s weigh in, he showed that he has trimmed down tremendously since he last stepped into the ring.

He weighed in at 214.5lbs – 23.5lbs lighter than in his last bout against Tyson Fury. At the same time, Wilder hasn’t fought since October 9th, 2021, when he was beaten by Fury in Las Vegas.

Robert Helenius: 31 wins (20 KOs), 3 losses

Robert Helenius is the older of the two fighters by two years. He is 38 years of age while Wilder is 36, which puts him right at the end of his career, to be perfectly honest. Interestingly, Helenius was on the undercard the last time Wilder fought in Vegas. Once again, this was back on October 9th, 2021. So both guys have been out of the ring for a while. As for his boxing record, Helenius hasn’t been quite as devastating as Wilder. He has a 31-3 record, with just 20 KOs compared to Wilder’s 41.

As for yesterday’s weigh-in, Helenius weighed in at 253.25lbs – considerably heavier than Wilder, despite being shorter in stature.

Summary of Wilder vs Helenius prediction

When you look at the careers of both men along with their recent fights, everything points to a Wilder victory. He will be much quicker around the ring than Helenius given his weight. But at the same time, he still has that deadly left hook that has served him so well over the years. This combination of Wilder being quick and powerful vs Helenius who could well be a little sluggish suggests that Wilder could grab another KO tonight.

Wilder vs Helenius Odds

Want to see what the odds are for some of the most popular markets for this event? You can see them below:

Most likely fight winner – Wilder

Wilder’s boxing record speaks for itself. And while Helenius has been dubbed as the ‘Nordic Nightmare’, we would be amazed if he was able to beat Wilder tonight. Therefore, we are shooting for Wilder to win with odds of -800.

Most likely method of victory – Wilder by knockout

It’s tough to argue with 41 KOs from 42 victories, so this is definitely what we think will happen. However, with the odds being so low for this market, it’s not great value. Therefore, we’d go with Wilder winning by KO in either the 3rd or 4th round. The odds for this are at +280 with Fanduel Sportsbook.

Details on round-by-round betting

Instead of picking any of the mainstream markets, you can engage in round-by-round betting. This is where you can pick who will win each round. And since there is the possibility that any individual round can end in a draw, you can get much better odds for each fighter by doing this.

Alternative bets you may wish to consider

The two main alternatives you could look at include round betting in a grouped format as well as the method of victory. The former lets you pick a group of three rounds together in which the fight might finish. As for the latter, since we’ve covered our prediction above, your other option is to pick a winner by decision.

Undercard fights before Wilder vs Helenius

There are 10 fights on the undercard prior to Wilder vs Helenius. This undercard will get started at approximately 9 PM ET, with the opening fight involving Williams vs Rosa. A further 9 bouts will take place before we get to see Wilder vs Helenius, with the last of the undercard fights involving Plant vs Dirrell. Note that exact times may vary!

FAQs on Wilder vs Helenius

Where can I stream the fight this evening?

You can stream the Wilder vs Helenis fight at Fox Sports PPV, for a cost of $74.99.

Is your Wilder vs Helenius prediction trustworthy?

We like to think so, yes. We’ve done our research and come up with the most likely outcome after taking many things into account.

What time will this fight begin?

The ring walk for these guys is scheduled for 12 AM ET, though this is just an approximate time.