UFC Vegas 74 Results: Amir Albazi Wins A Close Fight



UFC Vegas 74 Results: Amir Albazi Wins A Close Fight

UFC Vegas 74 did all but disappoint. The flyweight division has a bit more clarity and it's only fun matchmaking from here moving forward! In a main event that was so close, neither fighter really lost any stock. It may not be a win for Kai Kara-France, but this fight showed that he's still a top fighter. Albazi is a serious threat with skills that the division needs to respect, for Kai to go all five rounds and make it a dogfight, he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

UFC Vegas 74 Results: Amir Albazi Narrows It Out

UFC Vegas 74 results

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A super close fight for the main event. A split decision win is still a good win, especially at this level and against a guy like Kai Kara-France. Another fun fight to make, while the title picture is occupied, is Albazi vs Brandon Royval. Royval deserves this shot and Albazi would benefit from staying active while the title picture works itself out.

UFC Vegas 74 Results: Alex Caceres Wins War With Pineda

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What a fun scrap this was!

Back and forth action and both fighters raised their stock and added to their highlight reels. Alex really took over in the third round after Pineda's great second round. A great next step for Alex would be a step up, and a good fight to run back would be one against Sodiq Yusuff.

Many people would say that this is unfair to Yusuff, and that's true. He's only lost to Arnold Allen in the UFC. However Caceres deserves a bump up in competition and this is a very fun fight to run back.

UFC Vegas 74 Results: Jim Miller Obliterates Late-Notice Opponent

Well, that was fast. Jim Miller got in there and had no desire to hang out in there for long. He landed a couple of left hands and left and slept Jesse Butler. What a fantastic performance for the legend as he proves that he's not going anywhere yet. UFC 300 has to has to have Jim Miller on the card.

That's some fights away from now, though. What's next for Miller? I think that the Jared Gordon fight was a fun potential fight and it's truly unfortunate that it didn't materialize for tonight. So, let's try it again! Miller didn't really even get hit in this fight, he'd probably be cleared to fight tomorrow. Whenever Gordon is good to go, I think he should fight Miller. Both fighters deserve each other as an opponent.

UFC Vegas 74 Results: Tim Elliott Wins The Return

After over a year off, Elliott returned to the octagon and put on a very Tim Elliott performance. He mixed in takedowns between his awkward striking flurries and was able to secure a pretty clear, one-sided victory over Victor Altamirano, snapping his two fight winning streak. This was a fun fight for the UFC, let alone the flyweight division.

Moving forward, where should Tim Elliott go? He said he wants to be active, so we can count on seeing him again very soon. Elliott has a penchant for taking the hard fights that are far more risk than reward. So, I think the UFC owes him a good fight. How's Manel Kape sound? That would be a great fight for the division and for the fans.

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