UFC Vegas 74 Live Updates And Results – Kara-France vs Albazi Main Card



UFC Vegas 74 Live Updates And Results – Kara-France vs Albazi Main Card

Trying to keep up with the UFC Vegas 74 live updates? I've got you covered right here.

The UFC is back and we've got some very fun fights on the bill today. Here, I'll keep you all updated on the main card. Round by round updates, results, and how I score the rounds will be found down below as the fights play out.

Headlined by flyweight standouts Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi, UFC Vegas 74 is stacked to the brim with incredible fights. A lot of veterans and a lot of prospects are fighting on this card. Make sure you stay in the know and keep up to date with the UFC Vegas 74 live updates here!

Round 1: Both fighters are aware that this could go five rounds and they really utilized the opening five minutes to measure the other out. Nothing too significant in this round, but Kara-France did land a decent right hand at the end of the round. However, Albazi did have a lot of pressure.

10-9 Albazi

Round 2: Another close round. It's a bit difficult to tell who's winning these rounds, but it looks like the better shots here were landed by Kara-France. Albazi landed a few bombs, specifically an overhand near the end of the round, but I'm giving this close one to the Kiwi.

10-9 Kara-France

Round 3: This round was a super dominant one for Albazi. He got the takedown, took the back, and put Kai in a whole lot of trouble. A rear naked choke almost ended the fight, but Kara-France leaned on his heart and managed to escape. Not only did he escape, but he got on top and ended the round smashing Albazi with elbows.

10-9 Albazi

Round 4: Another closely contested round, but Kai seems to have the momentum going into the fifth and final round. His right hand and leg kicks were money in round four. Things look good for the former interim title challenger.

10-9 Kara-France

Round 5: Both fighters really showed that they belong at the top of the division in this performance! Another close round. It seemed that Kai had the bigger moment, but again, very close. The two decided to stand and bang for the last thirty seconds. They really put on a show for us!

10-9 Kara-France

Official result: Amir Albazi via split decision

UFC Vegas 74 Live Updates – Co-main Event: Alex Caceres vs Daniel Pineda

Always a pleasure to watch, Alex Caceres will look to make it two finishes in a row at the expense of Daniel Pineda. Having fought for the UFC since 2011, Caceres has always been one of those fighters that'll make fans tune in. He's got his hands full tonight, though. Pineda is looking to stay a bit more active, and in doing so, he's been placed against Caceres. There's no way that this fight can be boring.

Round 1: This was much more fun than expected, and I had very high hopes. The grappling exchanges are incredible. Caceres is tricky on the feet, but Pineda had some moments of wizardry on the ground with some awesome submission attempts that were very close to finishing. However, Alex rocked  him at the end of the round. Close round.

10-9 Caceres

Round 2: Pineda really turned the tides in this round. Things were pretty even to start, but Daniel won a scramble and ended up alternating between mount and riding the back. It wasn't until the waning seconds of the round that Caceres regained his guard. Good round for Pineda.

10-9 Pineda

Round 3: This round was all Alex. He hurt Daniel with a body kick early and Alex spent the rest of the round trying to bully Pineda. Caceres kept throwing the left to try and get Pineda to slip into the head kick, which eventually grazes a bit. Things got interesting in the last ten seconds when it seemed that a shot got through and dropped Alex.

10-9 Caceres

Official result: Alex Caceres via unanimous decision

Jim Miller vs Jesse Butler

Jim Miller will extend his record of most fights in the UFC to 42 tonight! Despite having so many miles in the fight game, Miller has not really shown any signs of slowing down yet. He's won 3 of his last 5 and finished all of those wins. Though he's not fighting Jared Gordon like he was expecting, the late replacement Jesse Butler's five-fight winning streak says that he's a scary man.

Round 1: The fight starts and then it stops! Jesse took a risk, and we should still be excited to see him go at it again, but Miller was too much, too soon. He landed a huge left and one follow up shot before walking away.

Official result: Jim Miller via knockout

Tim Elliott vs Victor Altamirano

Tim Elliott has been through a lot of drama lately, and he's sure to have some steam to want to blow off. Both Elliott and Altamirano are very unique fighters. These two awkward fighting styles clashing together should provide some great flyweight entertainment.

Round 1: Tim Elliott was able to secure a takedown early on and without really any resistance. Most of the round took place in Victor's guard with Elliott landing some good ground and pound. He'd sometime try to isolate an arm for a arm triangle or Von Flue choke, but nothing doing there.

10-9 Elliott

Round 2: Round two started just like the first, but Victor showed a bit more savvy in this round. He was able to get back to his feet and did some damage with a huge head kick. He then takes Tim down and gets a bit of top control time, but Elliott's scrambling ability puts him back on top. Victor had the biggest moment but I think the control of Tim won him the round.

10-9 Elliott

Round 3: The striking in this round is something that I'm going to be re-watching for awhile now. What a fun round! Elliott won it with the takedowns mixed in, but the striking was very even and a lot of fun. This fight lived up to expectations.

10-9 Elliott

Official result: Tim Elliott via unanimous decision

Karine Silva vs Ketlen Souza

Six wins in a row with six finishes, Karine Silva is definitely a prospect that fans need to keep an eye on. Tonight will be her sophomore showing within the UFC and she'll be looking to snap the five-fight winning streak of the debuting Brazilian, Ketlen Souza. Both fighters have promising futures in the company, but only one can keep their winning streak alive today.

Round 1: Karine Silva gets a takedown, gets on top, and dives back for a leg super early on. It looks like she was attacking for a straight ankle lock, which she had locked in, but the tap came after Souza's knee popped. Regardless of what caused the submission, it worked and it worked fast!

Official result: Karine Silva via first round submission

UFC Vegas 74 Live Updates: Abubakar Nurmagomedov vs Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos

Fighting someone with the last name “Nurmagomedov” seems like a daunting task. However, dos Santos is always up for a challenge. Having fought some big names in the UFC already, he's going to try and add a Nurmagomedov to his resume.

Round 1: As the fight starts, Nurmagomedov gets right to work with the hands. He seems to rock dos Santos and he hets to work in the clinch. All Abubakar in the early goings; his pace and accuracy looked great. However, Elizeu found his rhythm and rended the round much stronger than he started it.

10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round 3: Elizeu picked up where he left off. He lands a huge uppercut and tries to swarm afterward. A bit too eager, he gets caught in a clinch and Nurmagomedov has hic back from a standing clinch. Abubakar is gaining control time here and, though he's not doing much, he's certainly not losing here. The Russian is beginning to feel himself on the feet because he's so good at mixing things up when needed. A trip works for him and Abubakar ends the round on top.

10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round 3: Elizeu started this round off very flashy, but it's the leg kicks that are money for him. This round was a very exciting one — both fighters left it all out there and really went for broke, but especially dos Santos as he knew he was down two rounds. The dirty kick boxing exchanges were fun, but Nurmagomedov mixed things up well and kept the Brazilian guessing a bit too much. Close rounds, it really depends on how you score control time vs urgency.

10-9 Nurmagomedov

Official result: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos via split decision

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