UFC Round by Round Updates & Live Coverage: Fight Night: Song vs Simon



UFC Round by Round Updates & Live Coverage: Fight Night: Song vs Simon

Unable to watch the fights tonight? I've got you covered. Chill out here and I'll keep you posted on UFC round by round updates and results for the main card. 

This week, and especially next week, are huge ones for the bantamweight division; Ricky Simon and Song Yadong will look to try and close in on the bantamweight top 5, and in a week, we've got Aljamain Sterling defending the 135lb strap against Henry Cejudo. So yeah, some pretty big events for the bantamweights.

Ricky Simon is on a sick tear right now. Having won five in a row, the oddsmakers have him as a slight favorite for this fight. However, Song Yadong is one of the toughest fights for anyone at bantamweight right now. I've mentioned this in previous pieces, but I'll mention it again: Song Yadong taught Urijah Faber the punch that gave Simon his only KO loss. This fight is very interesting.

But, before the marquee bout, we've got some great scraps to lead us into the main event.

Main Event – LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates: Ricky Simon vs Song Yadong:

It's main event time! Originally slated for last week, Ricky Simon and Song Yadong thankfully got pushed back to headline this card. I'm super stoked that this fight is now a five rounder. On paper, this bout feels like a well-rounded vet vs a heavy-handed, young fighter. And, though that's partially true, both fighters are have complete skillsets.

Of course, there's spots where one may shine over the other, but this should be a very, very close fight. The winner here should be able to jump up and sit pretty just outside of the bantamweight top five, if not cracking it.

Round 1: Simon takes the center of the cage right away. Song, in contrast, looks flat-footed. The two are feinting a lot to make the requisite reads. Simon reaches for a single leg takedown and eats a right hand for his troubles. Right when Ricky switches to southpaw, Song blasts a body kick and prompts Ricky to go back to orthodox.

Simon blasts forward with a double jab followed with a cross, but Song's guard takes the brunt of it. A clinch is initiated but broken up not too long after. Simon is able to crack Song with a right hook in the last thirty seconds, though. Close round.

10-9 Song

Round 2: Ricky Simon is really biting of these feints now. A bit of banter is exchanged and they continue feinting. Song swarms and is able to drop Simon. Ricky, ever the veteran, rushes into the grappling and secures a takedown. Song works his way back to his feet after being taken down. The commentator team says that the knockdown was a result of a inadvertent clash of heads.

Song is putting his foot on the gas now. The lead hook is clipping Ricky at will. Song Yadong is marching Simon down and evading any offense headed his way. Simon is able to secure a takedown with just over ten seconds left and he's hammering away to get the round back. However, the lead hook varying low and high have me thinking this is another Song round.

10-9 Song 

Round 3: Ricky seems to have some confidence about him now; he shoots early and secures the takedown for a brief moment. We're back at boxing range and Song throws a lead hook that would total a car, but it lands right on Ricky's cup. Ouch. Herb Dean gives everyone a talking to and we get back at it.

Song must've been hanging out with Ryan Garcia, that lead hook is fast! An adjustment I've noticed is that Ricky is switching stances mid-combination. It has not been successful yet, but it's new. Song lands a stiff left that rocks Simon, but he dances it off. Ricky needs to switch things up going into these championship rounds.

10-9 Song

Round 4: Into round four we go! Simon lands with a right hand but it had little effect. A flying knee grazes on Song, who responds with a flurry to the body. In between rounds, Simon's coaches requested that he re-shoot if the first doesn't work. Simon followed this advice but he still couldn;t bring the fight down to the mat.

While moving backwards, Simon has been very lackluster. Ricky does have moments where he pushes the pace, but Song's movement is on point tonight. Right when we're about to hit the end of the round, Simon eats a lead hook and is put down. Song jumps on him but the round ends right then.

10-9 Song

Round 5: Ricky's corner was very candid with their fighter; Simon needs a finish. Song Yadong isn't fighting like he's winning, he's picking up where he let off. A right hand stuns Simon again. Once again, the left hand drops Simon, but there's a lot more time on the clock now. Ricky scrambles but he can't get away from the swarming shots. Herb Dean steps in and that's the fight.

Official result: Song via fifth round TKO

Co-Main Event – LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates: Caio Borralho vs Michal Oleksiejczuk

You all better get familiar with these two if you haven't already. Despite one person having to lose, I think both Borralho and Oleksiejczuk have sweet last names and a great future in the UFC. Having not lost since 2015, Caio Borralho is on a tear that includes a perfect 3-0 in the UFC thus far.

Opposite him is Michal Oleksiejczuk, This guy is scary. He's not perfect in the UFC, but he's quite the finisher and has taken on much bigger names than his opponent. Michal has won 72% of his wins via KO/TKO, making this a “don't blink” fight.

Round 1: Michal is in a hurry to get out of here; he's throwing bombs with his entire being. Caio is somehow keeping his composure, despite these huge shots whiffing his head. Borralho shoots for a takedown to disrupt Michal's momentum, but he can't secure it. A huge left hand lands for Michal but nobody has gone down just yet.  A (questionable)low blow breaks the action momentarily.

Michal is lurking.; he pushed his adversary against the fence and he unloads these huge punches. It seems that Caio is trying to time a knee be feinting a takedown. He finally gets Michal down to the mat and he's immediately on the back, but there's less than a minute to work. Onto round two we go.

10-9 Oleksiejczuk

Round 2: Caio is able to get a takedown in the opening minute this time, as opposed to the final minute like in round one. Michal gets back to his feet but is returned to the mat shortly thereafter. The Brazilian is controlling and land landing some solid shots while on top. Borralho is glued to the back and he's able to secure a rear naked choke! He finally grabbed that first UFC finish.

Official result: Borralho vis second round submission

Rodolfo Vieira vs Cody Brundage

You can call this fight a number of things. Potential fight of the night? Yes. A good chance for the judges to take a power nap? Sure. An imminent finish waiting to happen? Absolutely.

Rodolfo Vieira is pretty good at Jiu Jitsu I think. Multiple time IBJJF champion and ADCC champion turned MMA fighter, Vieira has finished all eight of his wins, seven of those by submission. But, Cody Brundage is quite the finisher himself. He's only won one of his eight wins by decision, and to make things more interesting, he's never been submitted.

Of course, he's never fought a grappler like Rodolfo Vieira, so let's see if that submission stat can hold up. Again, this should be a very fun fight.

Round 1: Brundage is swinging with ill-intent right out of the gate! A lead hook seems to stun Vieira and he shoots a desperation shot to gather himself again. Rodolfo briefly pulls guard but Cody isn't playing that. Busted open, the BJJ phenom is pressing his opponent against the cage but can't get the fight down to the mat just yet. A low blow pauses the action.

The fight continues at distance. Cody blitzes and drops Rodolfo. He's hammering away but Vieira is nearing deep-half to keep himself safe and attack. The fight returns to the feet but Vieira has a body lock that he uses to score a takedown and take Cody's back. Just under a minute left and the tides have turned completely. Rodolfo hammer-fists the round away and we're now going into the second.

10-9 Brundage

Round 2: The second stanza of the fight starts and Vieira presses Cody against the fence. Brundage, with perhaps a lapse of judgement, bites on a guillotine and pulls guard in doing so. This ain't Rodolfo's first rodeo; he gets out and locks in his patented arm triangle choke. First, it was defended well, but Cody did not make it out of the fire. He rolls back into the arm triangle and taps out.

Official result: Vieira via second round submission

Julian Erosa vs Fernando Padilla

So, I think we all know that Julian Erosa is allergic to boring fights. This dude is plenty durable and is always willing to go out there and win or go out on his shield. If you're not able to put him out, then he's always able to come back, and he's shown the ability to do so time and time again.

Erosa will be taking on UFC newcomer, Fernando Padilla. Padilla has been on the UFC's radar for some time, and rightfully so; this cat has eight submission wins, four knockout victories, and he's only 26 years old. Padilla will look to extend his winning streak to three at the expense of Erosa, which would be super impressive.

Round 1: Both fighters are taking their time in the early-goings. Right when we pass the first minute, the two trade stunning right hands. Padilla lets the hands go and he rocks Erosa badly. Julian goes down but he gets up. He's cracked again and it seems like he's about to fall flat. However, he pops right back up but the ref has already stepped in. A bit of an early stoppage, but it was fun while it lasted!

Official result: Padilla via first round TKO

Marcos Rogério de Lima vs Waldo Cortes-Acosta

I'm pretty jazzed for this fight, too. Marcos is one of those heavyweights that can absolutely break into the top of the the division, he just needs to win those key fights when given the opportunity. And, in his last outing, that's just what he did. He fought Andrei Arlovksi and made short work of him.

Waldo won't just let Marcos get an easy finish, though. Having shown a lot of grit and the will to win in his career thus far, it's not hard to see why he's undefeated. 9-0, just 31 years old, Cortes-Acosta will look to push the pace and hopefully get his first finish in the UFC.

Round 1: Right away, de Lima is spamming low kicks. Waldo gets some respect back by throwing some hammers. The early calf kicks are already doing a lot of damage and the leg is swelling. Marco de Lima is on fire right now. He swarms in and gets a takedown where he lands in top side control. Cortes-Acosta needs to make some serious changes if he makes it to round two.

The two are now back up to their feet. Cortes-Acosta lands a big right hand that slightly dislodges his opponent's mouthpiece. Waldo is now initiating the clinch. They separate and de Lima lands a huge right hand. Marcos pushes for the clinch and the round ends on the fence.

10-9 de Lima

Round 2: Cortes-Acosta started the round moving well, but another bunch of leg kicks have him compromised again. Out of nowhere, Marcos shoots a power double and he's working from top half guard. They are on the fence, which could stand to help Waldo, but he's fishing for a kimura rather than wall walking.

A scramble ensues and the two are in the clinch but on the feet now. Cortes-Acosta is one tough customer, but he's a step behind. Marcos takes his opponent down again and he's racking up control time. He jumps on a rear naked choke and Waldo uses this to scramble to his feet. Once standing, Waldo lands a right hand and it seems to hurt de Lima. He almost made a great comeback, but the round ended before he could stop the fight or steal the round.

10-9 de Lima

Round 3: This is probably the most even of rounds. Cortes-Acosta's right hand and speed seemingly stopped the calf kicks for a bit, but when they returned, Marcos' almost couldn't take anymore. This was a much closer round, but another one for de Lima.

10-9 de Lima

Official result: de Lima via decision

The Main Card Begins Now! LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates: Josh Quinlan vs Trey Waters

Josh Quinlan has the proverbial touch of death. His performance on the Contender Series couldn't have gone more perfect, but his drug test could've. Once he made it past all the red tape, he made his UFC debut and absolutely delivered in the form of him finishing Jason Witt in the first round.

Another prolific finisher is Trey Waters, who has stopped six of his seven wins before the final bell. This will be his UFC debut, and for it to start off a main card like this, the UFC brass must have a lot of faith in this being a barnburner of a fight. And we'll find out right now.

Round 1: The fight starts and q poorly timed low kick results in Quinlan hitting the deck. He works his way back up and the two are working from the clinch. Quinlan hits a trip, ends up on bottom, but wrestles back to a standing position. The two break and are back at distance. Waters has a tall frame and he keeps his hands very low. The length is giving Quinlan issues.

Waters keeps countering from his distance and he tags Josh with a mean lead hook. Waters is huge, he looks like a middleweight. Quinlan is putting his soul into his low kicks, but they aren't doing too much yet. Waters continues to slide back and counter. Josh is obviously getting frustrated by the distance and he's telegraphing his punches. He didn't telegraph this takedown attempt, though! He lands it and ends the round swinging it out.

10-9 Waters

Round 2: Round two starts and it's war! Quinlan seems to stun Waters, but Trey returns fire. Water's is having so much success with his jab and straight punches. Meanwhile, Quinlan is really loading up before he throws. Josh attempts another takedown right after a low kick, nothing doing there.

Waters' is sniping now; he's hands down, sliding back, and peppering Josh. A little past the midway point of the fight and Quinlan's eye is starting to swell. After seeming to have forgotten about the low kick, Josh lands a gnarly one as Waters was throwing a knee. The two look to trade it out for the waning seconds of the round. Quinlan clinches and goes for a lateral drop, but he ends up on the bottom.

10-9 Waters

Round 3: Josh Quinlan just can't move his head enough. He's coming out guns blazing this round, but he's still getting stamped up with the straight punches of Waters. Quinlan closes the distance with a low kick but he hangs out in the pocket for too long; he eats a few hooks and seems to be rocked. Waters didn't push the pace and it looks like Quinlan has shook off the cobwebs.

Down but not out, Quinlan is still marching forward. He gets tagged with a huge right hand, though. The right hand of Waters just can't miss now. A stinging matador, the UFC debutant is punishing Quinlan for every step forward. A huge takedown lands for the taller fighter, and I believe he won this round, too.

10-9 Waters

Official result: Trey Waters via decision

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