UFC on ESPN 51: Luque vs dos Anjos Round by Round Coverage



UFC on ESPN 51: Luque vs dos Anjos Round by Round Coverage

It's about time to catch our UFC on ESPN 51 main event, Luque vs dos Anjos. This is a can't-miss main event between two incredible welterweights. Rafael dos Anjos is the former lightweight champion and even if he retired two fights ago, would be able to boast a very illustrious and iconic career as a fighter.

On his way to gold in the 170lb division, Rafael will have to get through Vicente Luque. Luque is a prolific finisher that has fought the best of the best. Despite being on a two fight skid, his name holds a lot of weight and he's very deserving of a fight against a legend like RDA. ‘The Silent Assassin' has finished over half of his fights via KO/TKO, he'll be looking to let his hands go and enter the winner's circle at the expense of the former champ.

Here, we'll have the UFC live coverage for tonight's main event. Below, you'll find UFC round by round updates, scoring and the results, all right as the action plays out.

Luque vs dos Anjos: What's on the Line?

Luque vs dos Anjos

Houston, TX – AUGUST 6: Vicente Luque steps on the scale for the Official Weigh-ins for UFC 265 – Lewis vs Gane – Press Conference at Hyatt Regency on August 6, 2021 in Houston, TX, United States. Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/ABACAPRESS.COM
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The welterweight division's top ten is stacked. Absolutely stacked. Vicente is sitting right at the number ten spot; above him, nothing but fighters that all have the makings to become champ someday. Then, of course, we've got Leon Edwards as the incumbent champion. So, what's at stake for the winner of Luque vs dos Anjos?

Well, whoever wins here will be projected to fight upward in the top ten at welterweight. Not only is that good for climbing the ranks, but there is a lot to gain based on the name value in the top ten. Pretty much everyone is very popular and there are only high profile fights to make. next.

Keep in mind what's on the line during the UFC live coverage. UFC on ESPN 51 isn't just a filler card, but it's one with a main event that is hard to predict with a lot of risk involved. On that note, let's get to the UFC round by round updates.

UFC Live Coverage: Luque vs dos Anjos

It's main event time! Vicente Luque and Rafael dos Anjos are likely to put on a great show for the fans. Almost promised to be a barnburner, these two UFC mainstays will figure out who's moving up the ranks and who needs to go back to the drawing board.

Round 1: Rafael dos Anjos looks as good as ever in this opening round. He's very fast and actually landed the bigger shots. When he shoots for his takedowns, he's like a heavy duty magnet the way he locks in and stays on the body. The bigger shots and control time all go to RDA. Luque did secure his own takedown, but he was stuck in a close guillotine for a bit after.

10-9 dos Anjos

Round 2: This round was much closer. It was dos Anjos that had success early on, but Luque flipped the script and scored his own takedown. The control time, unofficially, felt pretty 50-50. Since it was Vicente that controlled the last part of the round, I could see the judges giving it to him.

10-9 Luque

Round 3: Another close round! RDA, when he lets those hands go, it actually out-striking Vicente. However, it's in his code to pressure, punch, shoot. The grappling was very even and Luque once again flipped the script near the midway point of the round. Vicente got pretty close to his D'Arce choke, but dos Anjos was privy to it.

10-9 dos Anjos

Round 4: The beginning of round four shows a much more aggressive Luque. He pressures and shoots first this time. Vicente is the bigger fighter here and he's weighing on the former lightweight champion in this round. Back to the clinch after a brief separation and it's Luque that is winning these fights for position.

Time and time again, it's Vicente Luque that is able to turn the position around and accrue control time. Another takedown to end the round seals the deal for ‘The Silent Assassin'.

10-9 Luque

Round 5: Vicente has nearly tripled RDA's control time. Rafael dos Anjos is just a bit too small it seems. Any time these two fighters clash into a clinch, it's Luque that turns things around and he's gotten very close to a few takedowns as we're three minutes into the final round. Rafael has been solved in this fight and he's not adapting the way he needs to.

RDA breaks and lands a big elbow but he keeps going to the clinch for some reason. He finally backs up and starts throwing bombs. Luque comes forward and pretty much pulls guard, letting RDA get on top where he's less likely to land that knockout blow. The round ends with the former champ on top, but it probably wasn't enough.

10-9 Luque

Official result: Vicente Luque via decision

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