Conor McGregor, Still Notorious, Offers $$$ Bounty To ID Alleged Vandal



Conor McGregor, Still Notorious, Offers $$$ Bounty To ID Alleged Vandal

Conor McGregor doesn’t give a ‘fook’ about $50,000. If he has to part with 50Gs to determine who damaged his property, he’s good.

In case you missed it, Conor McGregor offered a $50,000 bounty for an unidentified man who allegedly set one of his businesses on fire.

Posted in a since deleted video on his Instagram during the pre-dawn hours, the UFC star took to social media to gain information on a firebomb attack on his Dublin pub.

McGregor’s post read:

Hey guys! I have a 50k reward cash in all 100 crisp untouched notes. Not a wrinkle on them. The no wrinkle green backs. I call them yum-yums. For whoever tells us who this little deli-chicken head is. The walk, run, and scrawny build all very distinctive. Nothing will be said, but done. Reach out to who can reach me. Look forward to doing business.”

In the social media post, the former champ asked for help identifying the “little deli-chicken head” suspected of carrying out the arson on his pub, The Black Forge Inn in Crumlin, Ireland.

It’s taken some months for The Notorious One Conor McGregor, who is 1-3 in his last four fights, to circulate the security footage as it was dated January 12, 2022. The incident took place at around 11:20 PM, according to the time stamp.

The idea of placing a bounty to snag a perp is tempting…BUT, it's easy to see how this move could backfire on Conor McGregor

The suspect, wearing a hoodie and tracksuit, is shown throwing a flaming object over a rear gate before fleeing the scene. No word on what and of anything was taken from the business.

It didn’t take long for word to circulate. Within an hour of the posting, a so-called “Good Samaritan” obliged the Irishman, providing the requested information.

Wow that was quick. Thank you so much Good Samaritan,” the message read.

One has to ask though, how closely was Conor McGregor working with Garda, the Irish national police force? How do they view a $50,000 bounty being placed on an unknown citizen? That’s enough motivation for all sorts of characters to DM a wealthy man with nefarious information.

As of early EST hours, Garda hasn’t comment if significant damage was caused. No arrests have been made to date. There was a statement issued in January appealing to the public.

“No damage was done to the premises. Gardaí are appealing for witnesses in relation to this incident is asked to contact gardaí.”

The once infallible UFC champion has a pattern of popping up on the timeline with out of the Octagon news. He was arrested in March for speeding in his Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible.

The 33-year-old was able to do an IG victory lap after his bounty offer “succeeded.” While poolside with a glass of drink in hand, Conor McGregor captioned it:

“What’s 50 grand to a motherfucker like me can you please remind me.”