Joshua vs Helenius Punch Stats For Joshua KO 7 Win



Joshua vs Helenius Punch Stats For Joshua KO 7 Win
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Joshua vs Helenius punch stats are in. Anthony Joshua used the jab to set the tone, and then put a stamp on it with a massive right hand which felled Robert Helenius in round seven of their clash at O2 in London, and on DZN.

We had Joshua vs Helenius round by round coverage, and had AJ ahead 4-1-1 after six rounds.

Check out these numbers from CompuBox:

Joshua vs helenius punch stats from CompuBox

We gave Helenius the first, he threw more, CompuBox said. In the second, Joshua anded two more shots than Helenius, he won it. Round three, AJ out-landed Helenius 13 to5. In the fourth, tight round, AJ went 8-27 to 6-26 for the loser.

To round five, AJ went 13-37 to 12-29 for the Viking warrior. In the sixth, 17-37 for AJ to 8-21 for Helenius, and in round seven, adios time for us before analyzing Joshua vs Helenius punch stats.

“Through six rounds Joshua and Helenius had landed 51 and 34 jabs respectively compared to 15 and 11 power punches. The contest of jabs ended abruptly in the seventh round, courtesy of an overhand right thrown by Joshua that put Helenius down and out,” CompuBox told us post fight.

Joshua vs Helenius Punch Stats Postfight Chatter

Joshua vs Helenius punch stats, AJ wins via KO7

The jabs told the tale before the bomb right did, according to my eyes and the Joshua vs Helenius punch stats

AJ thanked Helenius in the ring after. He thanked him for saving the show. He was then asked if he felt pressure to get a stoppage, and as is typical, acted a bit peeved after having his hand raised.
People should let him do his thing, he said.
OK, is Deontay Wilder next? AJ played off the question, complaining of a bad back, from carrying the division.
NOTE: Gayle Falkenthal posted a thorough recap, on NYFIGHTS.


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