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When Does Jake Paul Fight? Soon, Jake Paul v Nate Diaz



When Does Jake Paul Fight? Soon, Jake Paul v Nate Diaz

The most interesting man in combat sports, Jake Paul, has come up with a new plan which sees him taking aim at UFC head Dana White. The Ohio native offered a two fight deal to UFC mainstay Nate Diaz. They’d fight a boxing match and then six months later, engage in a mixed martial arts tussle. No, it’s not Jake Paul v Nate Diaz within the UFC Octagon, Paul is now apparently heavily affiliated with the Professional Fighters (PFL).

A Jake Paul v Nate Diaz two fight deal is in the works

Jake Paul seems intent on building his brand as a fighter AND promoter, one who offers a better deal to fighters than UFC

PFL took flight in 2018, seems quite well funded, and has a deal to show their fare on ESPN, also the main consumption platform for UFC. Yes, that creates an interesting dynamic, with the Jake Paul v Nate Diaz news cementing PFL as a legit potential rival to the UFC brand behemoth.

Diaz is a well reasoned foe choice for Paul, who turns 26 on Jan 17, and a relative boxing neophyte who would need to hustle to get his non existent MMA skills into working order.

Nate Diaz, a UFC mainstay, is a promotional free agent

Diaz likes wearing the black hat, and messing with Dana White, same as Jake, so the Jake Paul v Nate Diaz promotion will be TMZ level lively

Diaz, first of all, has a long standing feud with White, the Boston bad boy who is not enjoying the fallout from his public slap fight with his wife, which took place in Cabo on New Year Eve. If you missed it, while at a gaming table, Mrs. White looks like she absorbed some bad news. She reacts by slapping hubby, who slaps her back, slaps her again, and then grasps and pushes her toward the floor.

Generally, all publicity is good publicity. Not in this case, though. White will lay low and let other scandals entrance gossip mongers, but his rep takes a hit

Diaz, a renowned proponent of marijuana, who started as a pro in 2004, is 37 years old. Paul would be the younger man, fresher, with faster reflexes, in theory. Jake got it done on his last fight, against another past prime MMAer, Anderson Silva.

Diaz holds some cards now, he’s a promotional free agent, so we will see if negotiations drag on excessively. The California-based reefer huffing battler is a master shit talker, so the pre fight hyping of a Jake Paul v Nate Diaz battle would be enjoyable to those who like the lively banter. And yes, the foes would probably be bonded in their dislike of Dana White, so that triangle of animosity would provide fodder for media.

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