Hey Roy Jones Jr, Does Mike Tyson KO Jake Paul?



Hey Roy Jones Jr, Does Mike Tyson KO Jake Paul?

He’s a good one to ask, being that Roy Jones Jr shared a ring pretty recently with Mike Tyson, formerly the Baddest Man on the planet.  Might Mike Tyson, now middle aged perma weed huffing Mike, still be able to knock out Jake Paul, a dude 30 years younger than him?

OK, remember Tyson v Jones Jr? Seems like ages ago, but it was actually just November 2020. Recall? It was an exhibition, which ended in a draw.

Mike Tyson

July 20, in Texas, on Netflix? What (or who!?) will go down?

So I asked Roy Jones Jr, formerly the top pugilist pound for pound in a good portion of the 1990s, into the 2000s, about this summer event, which is part of a play to solidify Netflix’ angles, beef up their “appointment” viewing fare.

What does Roy think we are likely to see in that ring in Texas in the mid summer?

Mike Tyson Has Power and Lungs

“Jake Paul, how well can he take a punch from a pro? He’s been a pro a little while. Yes, Mike Tyson is 57, but you see the power displayed in bursts in the videos.”

Roy Jones Jr and Mike Tyson

Roy was born in 1969, Tyson was born in 1966. Jake Paul was born in 1997.

You understand, Jones has extra insight here, he can speak to how much the body and brain cooperate (or don’t) once you are closer to being 60 than 40. Or, like Paul, at age 27, probably at or near his athletic peak.

Plenty of folks I’ve talked to foresee Mike Tyson blazing out of the gates, looking to overwhelm the relative neophyte in minute one. Then, surprised by Paul’s chin and ability to hang in, those legs and lungs bark at Mike Tyson, reminding him that it’s bullshit when people say age is just a number.

Mike Tyson toking

Tyson is a marketing genius in this chapter of his colorful life

Roy, who told me he’s mulling a fight in Saudi Arabia and is separately discussing a match against Anderson Silva, said he was surprised by Tyson’s gas tank in their Triller rumble.

So, people thinking that the Mike Tyson lungs have been negatively affected by smoking, maybe that’s not such a potential issue.

“I felt like he coulda fought all night,” Roy told me. “I think the smoking helps him!”

I told Roy that story/illustration of how power can stay in a body longer than many would assume.

An aged Jack Dempsey had more than enough oomph on his shots to rebuff young punk muggers in NYC who thought they had an easy mark in an old man.

“Power is the last thing to go,” it’s said.

Mike Tyson is still a “formidable puncher,” Roy Jones Jr shared. “This is fun. I love it. If it gets out of the first round, it gets interesting. By round four, if it’s still going, very interesting

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