Heaney vs Pauls Purse: Should Middleweights Get Paid More?



Heaney vs Pauls Purse: Should Middleweights Get Paid More?

The Magnificent Seven format is back with a brilliant card in Birmingham. Nathan Heaney will defend his British Middleweight Championship against Brad Pauls in the main event. As we approach fight day, let's discuss the fighters and the Heaney vs Pauls purse.

Boxing Fighter Pay: What Will Heaney vs Pauls Be Paid in Birmingham?

Nathan Heaney may not be a world champion yet but he already is the people's champ. Earlier today we learned that he delivered over 2000 tickets to his fans. According to his team, he made a total of 487 deliveries in person, meeting thousands of his fans. Imagine your favorite boxer appearing at your doorstep to hand you your tickets.

The 34-year-old British Middleweight Champion is set to defend his belt again and the win could earn him a title shot. Right now, he is 5th in the WBO rankings and the champion Janibek Alimkhanuly still doesn't have his next opponent. Chris Eubank Jr. is pushing for a title shot but Heaney could change those plans.

But he should worry about Brad Pauls first. How much will Heaney make from this bout? Unfortunately, promoters rarely disclose the purses ahead of events and it is even rarer when there isn't a title match on the card. Yes, the two will fight for the British championship but there is no world title on the line.

With this said, we found no information about the previous earnings of Nathan Heaney, which makes it almost impossible to make an educated prediction. However, we can still make a solid guess based on the purses of the current champion, Janibek Alimkhanuly. We were able to confirm that he got paid around $300,000 for his penultimate fight against Steven Butler. He definitely earned more for his most recent scrap against Vincenzo Gualtieri, a champ vs champ match.

As this will be the main event in Birmingham, we would argue that Heaney will probably have his best payday to date. Based on the limited data we have, we predict that he will earn around $150,000 as a guaranteed purse.

However, how big of a cut is that from the entire Heaney vs Pauls purse? It is fair to say that neither of these fighters is a big name yet and neither has faced top opponents before. And out of the two, Brad Pauls is the lesser-known boxer and also the contender in this matchup.

With this said, if there is little to no information about Heaney's past earnings, then Brad Pauls' record doesn't even exist. Our prediction is for a 70/30 cut on the Heaney vs Pauls purse and if we agree that the champ will bring $150k home, then Pauls should get about $65-70k for this fight.

This is our best guess with the limited information we have ahead of this bout. And if you want to know our general opinion about this match and the whole card, we have predictions for that too. There are a lot of boxing cards happening this weekend and this will be one of the better matches.

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