Gervonta Davis Arrested Again, Looks Like Show Will Go On



Gervonta Davis Arrested Again, Looks Like Show Will Go On

Friday Update: So now it’s being alleged by the lady who called 911 on Gervonta Davis that things were blown out of proportion, and the two are actually in counseling to smooth out their relationship.

We’re thinking the “Poopbrush” situation might be mentioned during the session with a mediator…More on that in a moment, though.

If you haven’t been keeping up on the matter, one Vanessa Posso, a 34 year old Colombia native who has a daughter with boxer Davis, called 911 on the fighter and said she feared for her life.

Vanessa Posso, off her IG

Cops detained Gervonta, in Florida, and he posted a statement on social media asserting his innocence. Now, Posso has back-tracked, and put out her own note on social media.

Fair enough, though it’s not clear how her version squares with authorities saying she had visible injuries showing up from the fracas.

We can root for the two to smooth things out, and suspect a counselor might be hearing about inappropriate methods of dealing with frustration; Gervonta is alleging Vanessa smeared his toothbrushes with feces from their daughters’ diaper.

Boxer Gervonta Davis said galpal Vanessa Posso smeared their daughters’ poop on his toothbrushes.

Posso and Gervonta seem to have a tempestuous relationship, it looks like. And maybe crappy coping skills when they get pissed off…

That’s a shitty way to process ones’ displeasure with a partner, we can all agree.

Thursday Update: It's looking like the show will go on, with embattled pugilist Gervonta Davis still slated to fight Héctor Luis García on Jan. 7, after being released from lockup on Wednesday, Dec. 28. The gossip news site TMZ has kept on the latest Gervonta incident, posting what they describe as a call to 911 from the woman who says she was assaulted by the 28 year old Baltimore boxer.

“Please help me, he's going to kill me,” a woman says to an operator, who asks her address, so authorities can be dispatched.

Davis tried to defend himself with a message to social media, on Wednesday evening, after he'd been let out of holding.

Gervonta Davis open letter posted Dec. 28, after he was released from lockup in Fla, accused of assault

Gervonta Davis posted this letter in defense of himself, saying he didn't put his hands on the accuser, and that people target him for money. The post has since been deleted

A virtual press conference featuring undercard combatants on the Jan 7 card went on as planned, and Showtime sent out a release with quotes from the event (excerpt below):

There's no hint in the release of Gervonta being removed from the card, or the card being cancelled, or downgraded to a non PPV, with a different feature bout


Gervonta Davis, the talented lightweight power hitter, is in the news yet again, for the wrong reason. Less than two weeks out from his return on Showtime pay per view, the 28 year old Davis was arrested and booked Tuesday on an alleged domestic violence incident in Parkland, Florida.

The boxer remained in custody overnight in Florida, where he has been training. According to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, his bond was set at $1,000 at a hearing Wednesday morning.

Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) is slated to face Hector Luis Garcia (16-0, 10 KOs) on January 7 at Capitol One Arena in Washington, D.C. in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions (PBC). He was arrested on one count of battery causing bodily harm. As of Wednesday morning, further details, including when the alleged incident took place and who was involved, were not yet made available. (TMZ has been adding details to their coverage.)

Folks are speculating whether or not Davis is again accused of assaulting his ex; in February 2020 an ugly public incident was partially captured on tape.

PBC does not comment on active legal matters.

Never a dull moment in boxing sphere

There's no other way to slice it; Davis is just a guy who can't get out of his own way. Literally two weeks to the day of his latest arrest, a battery case involving Davis and his ex-girlfriend was discharged. Not even 14 days later, the former junior lightweight titleholder added another case to his “impressive” legal résumé.

According to court records, Davis is set to appear in Baltimore Circuit Court on February 16 for his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run incident in November 2020. The fighter is accused of fleeing the scene of an accident that involved four people, including a pregnant woman. He is facing 14 charges, including failure to immediately return and remain at the scene of an accident involving bodily injury. Furthermore, he is also facing a civil suit.

His actions make it seem almost like Gervonta Davis is wanting to be locked up

The Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia fight has been billed as a prelude to an April 25 superfight in Las Vegas against Ryan Garcia. But this latest debacle could present itself as the precursor to Davis vs. Prison, a matchup that isn't all that compelling and certainly won't be aired on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Last year, Davis was initially slated to face Rolando “Rolly” Romero on December 5, but the latter was removed from the card after he was accused of sexual assault. Isaac Cruz stepped in as a replacement opponent, and Davis won a competitive, 12-round unanimous decision. Davis and Romero eventually fought last May 28 in Brooklyn, with Davis scoring a sixth-round KO.

Many wonder if the standards applied to Romero will be in effect for Gervonta Davis, will he not be permitted to fight Hector Luis Garcia on January 7?

Davis has managed to stay out of prison—but his list of offenses keeps growing

As for Ryan Garcia, he nixed a January tune-up date against Mercito Gesta to focus solely on Davis. While many in the industry perceived this move as a mistake and a missed opportunity to keep his tools sharp, it turns out the only miscue in Garcia's strategy was relying on Davis to stay out of trouble, some will say.

Gervonta Davis was also arrested in 2018 for disorderly conduct following a fight outside of a Washington, D.C., bar. He also saw 2017 charges for assault dropped after he was accused of punching a friend in Baltimore.

If Davis hasn't thrown away his unblemished boxing career, it would at least appear—on the surface—that he is very close to doing so.