How Do UFC Odds Work: Guide To Understanding UFC Odds And Betting On UFC



How Do UFC Odds Work: Guide To Understanding UFC Odds And Betting On UFC


There are more and more diehard MMA addicts all around the globe. Many fans can’t wait until the weekend to enjoy the lovely night of fights.

But how do UFC odds work? What do the minus and plus mean? What kind of UFC bets are available, which one brings you profit and why? You’re about to find out in the article below!


How To Read UFC Odds?


There are many kinds of UFC betting odds, but we must kick off from the basics. First of all, let’s assume you have a basic understanding of sports and fighters. NYFights got you covered like two Octagon warriors locked in the clinch.

First of all, there are three types of odds for UFC. It depends on your geographical region. But we will try to cover each style.


The + And – UFC Odds (The USA)


The bookies put the minus (-) sign in front of the favorite, while plus (+) ahead of the number is the symbol for the underdog. In some rare cases, you’ll see a pick’em situation, where both fighters are given even or very close chances for the victory – for example, -110 ahead of warriors’ names. The odds are mostly (not always) based around bookies wagering 100 dollars.

For example, let’s analyze the number +200. This means, that if you place 100 dollars on fighter B, the underdog, you’ll get a total of 300 dollars in return if he/she wins, which means you will profit 200 bucks.

Another example is -150. It means you will have to wager 150 dollars to earn the profit of 100 dollars on your favorite.


Decimal UFC Odds (Canada And The Most Of Europe)


We’ll get to know you with a type of betting odds for UFC available in the greatest part of the world.

Depending on the bookie, the mid-value (pick’em) fight is 1.85 – 1.90. What does that mean? You place 100 dollars on any of the two fighters, if your pick wins, you’ll get 185 dollars in return for the odd 1.85 (85 dollars profit).

Now the favorite example. We will get an example from the upcoming UFC 275 card. The odds for Jiri Prochazka to defeat Glover Teixeira is 1.50. It means you’ll get 150 dollars in return if you wager 100 dollars on Jiri to win (50 dollars profit).

Glover Teixeira is the underdog (bookies give him fewer chances to win the fight). The value is 2.94 – put 100 dollars on Teixeira and you’ll get 294 in return (profit 194) if he defeats the Czech Muay Thai knockout artist.


Fractions (The UK)


You wonder how betting odds for UFC work in the UK, do you? Well, let’s take a look at the co-main event of the evening.

Valentina Shevchenko is the heavy favorite against Taila Santos at UFC 275the odds say 1/6. Divide 100 by 6 and multiply by 1 to calculate your profit. You’ll get 116.66 dollars in return, which gives you a profit of 16.66 dollars if “Bullet” wins.

Taila Santos is the underdog, but it becomes difficult now – you calculate the potential profit for the fighter who has fewer chances to win the fight. The odd 5/1 means you will divide 100 by 1, and multiply it by 5. So if you placed 100 dollars on Taila and she earns a victory, you’ll get 600 dollars in return, but the value of your profit is 500 bucks.


The Advanced UFC Fight Odds And Games


There are many ways to bet on UFC. Picking a side isn’t always the greatest move, especially when the fighters are evenly matched. So we’ll give you an example from this card.


Victory Method


This means that fighter A or B wins by a knockout, TKO, disqualification, or submission. This usually leads to a greater odd, but it’s riskier.

For example, Jiri Prochazka to win by KO/TKO is -115 (wager 115 dollars to win 100), while Jiri wins (picking a side) is -200.

Glover to defeat Prochazka is +170, while Texeira to win by the way of submission is +320 (wager 100 bucks to earn three hundred and twenty, looks awesome).


Going/Not Going The Distance


Will the fight go to judges’ scorecards or not? When the fighters have a lot of decision victories, you’ll get smaller value.

For example, Prochazka vs Teixeira goes the distance is +375, which means the bookies believe someone’s gonna get stopped here (+500 not going the distance).


Over/Under Or Fight Starts Round X


When you’re still unsure of the outcome, you can pick over/under limit value. Here is an example:

  • Over 1.5 rounds means the following – if the fight advances to round 2 and lasts 2:31 seconds or above (7:31 on the official clock), you’ll win the parlay. When it ends earlier, you lose.
  • Over 1.5 rounds for Prochazka Vs Teixeira is -140, while under is -110, which means the bookies give huge chances to the potential fight ending in the second round.
  • The greatest value to bet is over or under 4.5 rounds in the championship bouts.


Round X


Here is a good example. Prochazka wins in the first round lead to a value of +700 (great payout if it happens). Glover wins round 3 is +1500. You will lose even if Texeira defeats Prochazka in rounds 1, 2, 4, or 5.


Very Precise Bets


Diehard MMA addicts like these things, especially in championship fights. The greatest values are for round 5 and method. Here are a few examples:

  • Prochazka wins KO/TKO round 5 – the value is +2500;
  • Teixeira wins submission round 5 – you get +5000;
  • Prochazka wins split/majority decision – wow, +2045!

Greater value means it is less likely to happen, but when you gamble, everything’s possible!


What Are The Best Fight Odds?


It’s hard to say. Every successful parlay is awesome, even if you earned five or ten bucks. For us, the best fight odds are the ones that give you profit.

Diehard betting addicts like plus values, which means profiting 100 dollars or above for a one-hundred-dollar wager. But these MMA odds are riskier, sometimes picking a side or a minus value brings you a greater probability of winning the bet. There's no strict rule – your picks rock if you win!


If you plan to bet on UFC, check different UFC bookies available in your region to see which ones offer the most suitable odds for you. Also, make sure to read NYFights betting guides in the days before the event. Good luck!


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