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Tszyu vs Fundora Prediction: There Is Only One Way This Fight Ends



The future of the WBC and WBO Light Middleweight belts will be decided this weekend in Las Vegas as Tim Tszyu faces Sebastian Fundora. Here is our Tszuy vs Fundora prediction.

Tszyu vs Fundora Prediction: What a Crazy Mismatch

Tim Tszyu Preview

Tim Tszyu is the son of the legendary boxer Kostya Tszuy. He is 29 years old and remains undefeated with 24 victories (17 knockouts). Tim's coach is the eminent Dandy Kim, and his promoter is Brandon Smith, who is a household name in the boxing world.

The main indicator of Tszyu’s growth is his amazing endurance and patience. Tim used to always rush forward but now carefully and slowly probes the enemy’s block, and most importantly, studies his reaction to his hits.

In the fight with Fundora, he will get as close as possible as quickly as possible due to the huge size difference between the two fighters. Tszyu will definitely not have any problems with either his height or his arm span, which, on the contrary, will play against the American.

Tim will be able to work in a comfortable stance with his arms raised high, without fear of blows to the body, which will allow him to better mask the start of his attacks, as well as increase their speed.

Tszyu will lure his opponent into corners and often work the body when the American goes into deep defense during long combinations. It’s unlikely that Sebastian will survive the whole match.

Sebastian Fundora Preview

Sebastian enters this contest with a record of 20-1-1, recently losing for the first time against Brian Mendoza (Tszyu beat Mendoza in 2023). His nickname is “The Towering Inferno”, influenced by his unbelievable height and arm span.

Here is a small comparison before we continue with our Tszuy vs Fundora prediction. Tim's height is 175cm while Fundora's is about 197. Speaking about reach, Tim has 179cm compared to the 203 of Fundora.

Sebastian failed against Brian Mendoza, who is literally levels beneath Tim Tszyu. Of course, he understands what caliber of opponent will be in front of him this time. We expect him to try to use his reach advantage and rely on jabs and twos in the first few rounds.

However, we expect him to get tired sooner or later and this is when Tszuy will close the gap and destroy his body. Sebastian struggles with his accuracy and generally does not have sufficient power to break through Tim's defense. He is also seriously inferior to him in speed and endurance.

Tim Tszyu vs Sebastian Fundora Prediction: Bigger Isn't Always Better

The only problem for Tim is the last-minute change. He was preparing to fight an athletic orthodox boxer that was about his size. Now, he has to fight a tall southpaw boxer but this will also come to his advantage due to his advantage in speed. Moreover, Tim's favorite move is to attack the body and Fundora definitely makes for a great target.

Even if the American decides to go all-in at some point, he will not break through Tim's top-tier defense. At the same time, he will expose his head and will probably be punished immediately. We believe that our Tszyu vs Fundora prediction for a knockout is a fairly safe option.

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