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Fisher vs Babic Prediction: Future Heavyweight Champion?



While most fans will be excited to watch the big world title matches this weekend, how about a pair of heavyweights with huge potential? Here is our Fisher vs Babic prediction.

Fisher vs Babic Prediction: A High-Stake Bout

Johnny Fisher Preview

The expectations for Fisher are huge. His pleasant character and impressive performances in the ring have made him a fan favorite in England since his professional debut in 2021.

In just over three years, the 25-year-old Englishman has already won 11 fights in a row, including ten knockouts. The only time he failed was against Gabriel Enguema in their 6-round bout in 2022. And Fisher has only fought 30 rounds in his career to date, which raises questions if he is ready for regular high-level scrap.

Fisher won his first-ever title against Harry Armstrong in August 2023 and started the new year with an easy TKO against Dmytro Bezus in February.

There are no two opinions that the level of his opponents to this point has been pretty low. And as attractive as he is as a fighter there are a lot of questions about his readiness to face such a serious boxer.

Alen Babic is a huge step forward, and while it's a necessary step, it may be coming too soon. Continue reading below to see our final Fisher vs Babic prediction.

Alen Babic Preview

Alen Babic is one of Croatia's finest, although he had a very late start to his professional career. He represented Croatia at numerous international forums in the early 2010s and finally stepped up in 2019.

Despite his considerable age (33), ‘The Savage' is no journeyman. He rose through the ranks through eleven consecutive wins with ten knockouts and earned himself a shot at the new WBC Bridgerweight title in 2023.

Unfortunately, he never stood a chance in this fight and fans saw nothing from his destructive power. Lukasz Rozanski hit him with a series of left hands that knocked him down within seconds of the opening round. And once the Croatian got up, Rozanski showered him with a 20-punch combo that forced the referee to stop the contest.

Babic took almost a year to return to the ring but had no problems defeating Steve Robinson in March 2024. This was his last appearance in the ring.

Our Johnny Fisher vs Alen Babic Prediction: Someone Is Going To Sleep

‘The Romford Bull' has a lot to prove after getting named the Best Young Boxer of the Year in 2023. And Alen Babic is the type of opponent that will put you in the headlines.

Stylistically, both men have extreme power and will be looking to end the fight ASAP. But Fisher is far more technical despite his young age. He adapts well and can fight at every range while the Croatian is limited to close-range exchanges.

He rarely shows anything different or new, so Fisher simply has to control the distance and apply his usual pressure. We like his chances for our Fisher vs Babic prediction and we would even suggest the knockout market. And while we're at it, how much do you think the two will earn for this fight?

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