Anderson vs Merhy Prediction: Someone Will See Stars



Anderson vs Merhy Prediction: Someone Will See Stars

Two heavyweight boxers with fight-altering power are going toe to toe this weekend — and our Anderson vs Merhy prediction is that one of these warriors will be getting a KO.

Although these two guys aren't considered true contenders for any championship boxing belts quite yet, a win in spectacular fashion this weekend will put either of these fighters on the map, and should earn them some big-time fights later this year.

But which of these fighters is more likely to emerge victorious? That's exactly what our Jared Anderson vs Ryad Merhy prediction is going to help you find out.

Anderson vs Merhy Prediction

Jared Anderson Preview

Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson — an American boxer with an undefeated 16-0 professional record, which includes 15 KO victories — is on a rocket ship to superstardom.

Anderson even got a recent endorsement from boxing's lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who said of Anderson, “This is the future champion. This is the heir to the throne.”

While that is high praise for the 24-year-old Anderson to live up to, anybody who has seen Anderson fight knows that he seems destined to hold championship belts in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, his power stands out when watching Anderson fight. But it's Anderson's athleticism that truly sets him apart from his peers.

Our Anderson vs Merhy prediction is that Anderson's distinct athleticism advantage over Merhy is going to be apparent early and often in this fight.

“The Real Big Baby” should be able to bob and weave in and out of range at will, which will likely frustrate his opponent and cause him to overthrow. This is when Anderson thrives — and secures most of his KO's.

Ryad Merhy Preview

Ryad Merhy — a boxer from the Ivory Coast with a professional record of 32-2, which includes 26 KO victories — is one big win away from being considered a true title contender.

And defeating Anderson on Saturday will be the biggest win of his career — if he can manage it.

There's no question that Merhy is a heavy hitter. But our Jared Anderson vs Ryad Merhy prediction is that Merhy will need to show much more than mere power if he expects to win during this busy combat sports weekend.

But if Merhy can earn himself some respect against Anderson early, he will have a good chance of landing another one of his devastating knockout punches.

Jared Anderson vs Ryad Merhy: “The Real Big Baby” Puts Merhy to Sleep

Our official Anderson vs Merhy prediction is that Jared Anderson will win this fight via KO — which is currently available at -350. 

Because we believe Anderson is the more skilled and athletic fighter, we don't see a way this fight ends in something other than him putting Merhy's lights out.

Then again, if Merhy does manage to win, it will also be via KO. Hence why taking the fight to not go the distance — currently available at -550 — is easy money.

Anderson has the opportunity to prove he's world class this weekend. Let's see whether he can do it.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.