UFC 290 Tickets: Prices, Packages and Where to Buy



UFC 290 Tickets: Prices, Packages and Where to Buy

UFC 290 tickets are available with the event right around the corner! If you're wondering “How much are UFC tickets? Where can I get them?”, we've got you covered.

UFC 290 is this year's international fight week main attraction. With two title fights, many fan-favorite fighters and a good amount of undefeated talent, this is a can't-miss UFC event. So, how can you watch? Of course, PPV is an option, but why not experience international fight week for all it can offer? That's where the UFC tickets come into play.

Here, we'll answer all of your questions regarding the UFC fight tickets for this exciting weekend. Prices, where to buy and what to expect from this event, all down below.

UFC 290 Tickets: Still Available, But Not For Long

UFC 290 tickets

UFC 290 is selling fast, who would've thought? Really, we should be grateful that there are still some tickets available. The T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada will host this sure-to-be-historic event and the tickets are there for the taking. I mean, they're a bit more expensive than some Fight Night tickets, but what else would you expect?

How Much Are UFC 290 Tickets?

Well, they can be relatively cheap or they can be pretty pricey. We'll give you a brief overview of what you're looking at for the UFC 290 tickets.

  • Suites: $605-13,950
  • Upper seats: $265-$12,743
  • Middle seats: $292-$12,743
  • Lower seats: $450-$8,578
  • Floor: $1,213-$12,743
  • Loge box: $608-$1,455

So, yeah, some pretty big windows in between the highs and lows of these seats. Which is a good thing. There are options for those that want to keep it cheap and for those that feel the urge to spend big for this weekend. There are plenty of options in between for these options, which we'll link you to down below.

Where To Get UFC 290 Tickets?

So, so glad you asked. We're prepared. You can find UFC tickets at this link here and also at this link here. There are a lot of options on both of these sites, but they're moving quick so hop on it ASAP. And, of course, straight from the UFC's website, we've got this path to UFC 290 tickets, too.

Follow the sites linked above to grab your UFC 290 tickets before they're gone! Enjoy all of the fun and chaos that Vegas has to offer, which includes but is nowhere near limited to watching two UFC title fights in one night.

UFC Tickets: Two Titles on the Line This Weekend

Now that you know how to acquire UFC 290 tickets and how much you'll be spending on them, why not? There are a lot of arguments you can make for Alexander Volkanovski; not only does he have a strong case for being the greatest featherweight of all time, but a lot of people think that he beat Islam Makhachev and should be boasting the “champ-champ” status.

But before we see Yair Rodriguez try to utilize his unpredictable style to dethrone Volk, we've got another title fight. The flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno, will look to finally defeat Alexandre Pantoja, who has two wins over the current champ already. This fight has “fireworks” written all over it, but that could be said about the entire card, really.

Every other fight on this card, including the prelims, is a great display of talent and UFC matchmaking. Grab those UFC tickets, get to the T-Mobile arena and have a blast.

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