Joshua vs Wallin Weigh In: 16 Fighters Ready To Conquer The World



It is time to make it official. The Joshua vs Wallin weigh in is here to confirm the eight bouts on the biggest boxing card of the year. Here is what we learned.

Joshua vs Wallin Weigh In: What Happened During the Ceremony?

You can hardly ever expect huge surprises during boxing weigh ins, especially when almost every single match is in heavyweight. How does a heavyweight miss weight? Is it possible?

The ceremony began with the earliest bout between Frank Sanchez and Junior Fa. The most interesting fact is that Fa is 40 pounds heavier than his opponent.

Next, we saw Hrgovic and de Mori and the entertaining bit was when Mori stepped on a 2-foot cushion in order to stand higher than his opponent. In the post-scale interview, Hrgovic said that he is still mad at Mori but he may decide to give him a few rounds and not go for the direct knockout.

Opetaia and Zorro were next and their match is one of only two non-heavyweight bouts on that unbelievable card. Zorro said that he doesn't care about people's opinions as he has been underestimated throughout his entire career. Opetaia said that he will not be desperate for a knockout and plans to box smart.

The height difference between Makhmudov and Kabayel is truly astonishing. The Russian is an absolute beast of a man and this bout has the potential to be one of the best on this card.

Lyndon Arthur had a brilliant comment ahead of his bout against the champion Dmitry Bivol. He said that this match may be the “battle of the jabs”. Eddie Hearn predicted that Bivol will take care of business on Saturday and it should give him a shot at the undisputed titles next year.

Jarrell Miller is an absolute unit. How can anyone feel confident stepping into the ring against such a monster? And he already tried to hit Daniel Dubois during the face-off. Miller is nearly 100 pounds heavier than his opponent too. Unbelievable.

Wilder seems to be in brilliant shape right now and will be 30 pounds lighter than his opponent on Saturday. This lower weight suggests that Wilder plans to be more active in the ring. He hasn't been this lean in a while. Joseph Parker, in turn, promised to be as aggressive as possible on Saturday. Wilder said that Saudi Arabia is like a second home to him and that Parker has never faced a fighter with such power in his career.

Anthony Joshua also looks in brilliant shape but he has been extremely active over the last six months and this will be his third bout. Wallin said that the best way to beat Joshua is to be himself. Joshua commented that this is the best boxing card in history and he is extremely happy to be in Riyadh.

These were the key moments from the Joshua vs Wallin weigh in, now let's see the exact weight of each fighter.

Day of Reckoning Weigh In Results: Here's How All the Fighters Weighed In

• Heavyweight: Anthony Joshua (251) vs. Otto Wallin (238.6)

• Heavyweight: Deontay Wilder (213) vs. Joseph Parker (245.3)

• Light-Heavyweight: Dmitry Bivol (174.6) vs. Lyndon Arthur (174.2)

• Heavyweight: Daniel Dubois (239) vs. Jarrell Miller (333)

• Cruiserweight: Jai Opetaia (198.4) vs. Ellis Zorro (197.4)

• Heavyweight: Arslanbek Makhmudov (262) vs. Agit Kabayel (241.3)

• Heavyweight: Filip Hrgovic (246) vs. Mark de Mori (242.6)

• Heavyweight: Frank Sanchez (238) vs. Junior Fa (278.9)

All eight bouts were confirmed during the Joshua vs Wallin weigh in and there are about 24 hours until the action begins. What a way to end this unbelievable year of boxing.

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