UFC Paris Live Coverage: Rose Namajunas vs Manon Fiorot



UFC Paris Live Coverage: Rose Namajunas vs Manon Fiorot

You're in the right place if you're looking for UFC Paris live coverage of today's co-main event! The former strawweight queen, Rose Namajunas, will make her flyweight debut against a fighter on a ten-fight winning streak, Manon Fiorot. Manon will be fighting at home and the crowd will be on her side, but really, who doesn't love ‘Thug' Rose?

This fight will determine who moves closer to that flyweight title shot, maybe even solidifying a number-one contender. Implications of potential gold aside, this is a very, very fun stylistic matchup. Both fighters here are incredible on the feet, prolific finishers and well-rounded.

With that being said, let's get into the action! Here's the UFC live coverage for Namajunas vs Fiorot.

UFC Live Coverage: What's on the Line?UFC Paris live coverage

Later this month, we've got Valentina Shevchenko looking to get her belt back against Alexa Grasso. Next, it seems that Erin Blacnhfield will be fighting for a title after a huge win against Talia Santos. Looking to shake things up in the flyweight top five, Fiorot and Namajunas will try to put on a show and jump the line.

Probably not a number one contender fight, but close enough, this flyweight scrap will be very telling of not just who moves forward, but we'll get to see how the former strawweight champion does now that she's made the move up to 125lbs. The winner of this fight should be expected to fight for a title eliminator next. So, yeah, pretty high stakes stuff here on top of the intensity of fighting in a UFC co-main event in front of an emotionally invested crowd.

UFC Paris Live Coverage: Namajunas vs Fiorot

The wait is over and it's time to get to the action. Will Rose Namajunas return to her winning ways here in a new weight class? Or, will Manon Fiorot extend her winning streak to eleven and elevate herself to the next level with a win over a former champion? Only time will tell, and thankfully, the time is now.

Round 1: This was a pretty even first round. Namajunas remained very evasive, very good head movement on the former champ's end. It looks like she hurt her pinky, making it hard for her to throw her right hand. Fiorot kept her composure and looked like she's not feeling the nerves of facing a former champ. A close round, but Fiorot may have stolen it.

10-9 Fiorot

Round 2: Rose is hangin in there, she just seems very small for the weight class. Couple that with a hand injury and this is a tough fight for her to win. Namajunas is doing very well with her head movement again in this round, but the physicality in Fiorot's shots is a great look for the judges.

A clash of heads results in a very gnarly gash on the side of Manon's head, but we continue to fight after a quick break. Manon touched Rose up a bit more and that was the round.

10-9 Fiorot

Round 3: Namajunas starts off very aggressive, but that right hand is still thrown few and far between; this early pinky injury is very unfortunate. However, the former champ still has some fire to her. This round consisted of Rose chasing Manon down with both fighters landing some good blows.

A few slips here and there looked intense at first, but largely, nobody was able to find any super significant strikes in this round. Regardless, this was a fun fight and a very intense round to watch. It looks like Manon may have dropped this round but she'll be securing the win at home!

10-9 Namajunas

Official result: Manon Fiorot via unanimous decision

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