UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs Blaydes LIVE Coverage and Round by Round Updates



UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs Blaydes LIVE Coverage and Round by Round Updates

This weekend is a big one for the heavyweight division. Stick around here and I'll give you all of the UFC round by round updates and information you'll need for this important Fight Night event.

these UFC live results will tell the tale of Curtis Blaydes as he takes on yet another scary task en route to that elusive heavyweight title shot. His opponent is the surging Sergei Pavlovich. The winner of this fight is almost certain to get the next crack at the title. But, before we get to our marquee bout, the UFC booked some bangers!

I've got you covered on UFC live results for bouts like: Jared Gordon taking on Bobby Green, and there's no way that fight won't be fun; Bruno Silva as he looks to return to his finishing ways at the expense of a well-rounded veteran in Brad Tavares; and some more fights that'll get some momentum going for these fighters. Hang out here for the UFC Vegas 71 round by round updates. 

Main Event – LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates: Sergei Pavlovich vs Curtis Blaydes

Wow, what a fight for the heavyweight division. Per the oddsmakers, it's hard to confidently assume what'll happen here. Pavlovich as only lost once, that being his UFC debut, but has finished five fights in the first round since then. All of these have been by KO/TKO, and the last two were in the opening minute against Tai Tuivasa and Derrick Lewis.

Sounds like a promising cat.

But, you know, Curtis Blaydes has been around the block. He's got one of the most talent-filled list of names attached to his record, with 12 of his 17 wins coming by KO/TKO, he's no stranger to getting out of work early, either. The main event is here! Let's get to the UFC Vegas 71 round by round updates of our headlining bout. 

Round 1: These two came out ready to fight! We all could've expected this from Pavlovich, but Blaydes seemed down to play with fire. Sergei blitzes early but then he seems to slow down, perhaps considering that this could go five rounds. Curtis lands two great shots in a row, still no sign of him shooting for a takedown. Pavlovich drops Curtis with an overhand right, and after this, his jab is hurting Curtis at will. Blaydes finally looks for a takedown and he almost eats an uppercut for his troubles. The jab continues to work for the Russian and Curtis is on wobbly legs. Finally, Blaydes goes down and some ground and pound seals the deal. Make that six first round finishes in a row for Sergei Pavlovich.

Official Result: Sergei Pavlovich via TKO

Co-main Event – LIVE UFC Round by Round UpdatesBrad Tavares vs Bruno Silva

Fun fact: Both fighters here are in the small margin of people that were able to go the distance against the current and most former champions of the division. Bruno Silva went to decision against Alex Pereira, and Brad Tavares went the distance with Israel Adesanya.

That information is pertinent as much as it is a fun fact. These are two warriors that'll bring the action in order to try and climb the UFC ranks. Silva is quite the finisher, but Tavares is no walk in the park.

Round 1: The opening seconds show Tavares being very active with his jab. Though Silva is the feared slugger, it's Tavares that's throwing with ill intent. Silva tries to even the score and lands a one-two. Tavares' body kicks are money so far. Bruno seems a bit gun shy. Once again, I eat crow; Silva hurts Brad with a jab and drops him with a straight right. The ref jumps in, maybe a bit early though. Tavares eats a shot on the ground but he was fishing for a leg it seemed.

Official Result: Bruno Silva via TKO

Bobby Green vs Jared Gordon:

Looking to right the wrongs of his controversial loss in his last fight, Jared Gordon would love to keep the judges out of this fight. With six wins by knockout, two by submission, and a lot of eyes on him, Gordon has the perfect opportunity to raise his stock tonight.

But, that's Bobby Green he's fighting. Hands down, mouth running, accurate and fast hands — this is a very, very hard fight for Jared. As Bobby Green runs one more fight before changing his name to “King”, Green would love to retire “Bobby Green” with a win.

Round 1: Right away, Bobby is hands down and walking Jared down. However, Gordon's kicks are pretty good thus far. A lead hook lands over the top and finds the chin of Green. A right hand cracks Green, but he's still maintaining his swagger. Jared is shocking many people, primarily Green, with his hands. Gordon has faked a dew takedowns now and has Green guessing. A two piece lands for Gordon. The two rush in and Gordon drops. Follow up ground and pound ends the fight, but not without controversy. Jared actually went down from a head butt. Very unfortunate for Jared, who was putting on an incredible performance.

Official Result: Due to an accidental clash of heads, this fight is ruled a no contest. 

Iasmin Lucindo vs Brogan Walker

Let's see who can gather some momentum! Brogan Walker fell short in her UFC debut, but that's not an unusual thing to happen. Despite this being her sophomore performance in the UFC, Walker has a good amount of UFC-level competition on her record.

Opposite Brogan is the 21-year-old Brazilian, Iasmin Lucindo. She too fell short in her promotional debut, but with youth and some heavy hands on her side, she may be able to bounce into the win column here.

Round 1: The two spend the opening minute feeling out the distance. Lucindo finds her range is lands a huge right hand. Another flurry sticks Walker with a few big shots. Halfway through this round, Brogan's face is very red. A right hand goes over the top and nearly drops Walker. Not deterred whatsoever, Walker just misses on a huge overhand of her own. Lucindo has landed over twice as much as her opponent.

10-9 Lucindo

Round 2: Lucindo starts with a spinning kick to the body. She certainly should attack the body more, her head-hunting has become predictable. Walker is trying to keep things at a kicking range, but when Lucindo flurries, Brogan has yet to find an answer. A spinning kick lands beautifully for Lucindo. She tries to spin again and is nearly taken down for it. Walker is working from the clinch, but no takedowns just yet. And now we're back to kicking range. The right hand for Iasmin is landing on command. Walker tries to teep kick the face and is taken down for it. Lucindo gets to mount with about thirty seconds left but isn't able to do much with it.

10-9 Lucindo

Round 3: Lucindo is clearly ahead but she's still fighting for a finish it seems. A jumping spinning back kick hits the body and puts Walker on the mat for a second. Brogan just cannot beat her opponent's speed and diversity of attack(despite her head hunting). A right hand connects on Walker once again. And again. The two trade hooks and Walker is cut open above her left eye. She's leaking a bit, but it's nothing that'll stop the fight. As I typed that, another punch lands and really opens up the cut. Regardless, Walker is soldiering through and is fighting with the urgency she probably needed in the second round.

10-9 Lucindo

Official Result: Lucindo via unanimous decision

The Main Card Begins Now! LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates: Jeremiah Wells vs Mathew Semelsberger

Let's get cracking with the UFC live results, and what a way to start out. Jeremiah Wells is a perfect 3-0 in the UFC thus far. All of these wins have come from stoppage prior to the third round. This is one scary man. 

A hard man to frighten is is Mathew Semelsberger, though. Also a prolific finisher, Mathew is coming off of a clean win over Jake Mathews. With two wins in just around 15-seconds, and a bunch of other finishes on top of that, this is one of those fights where you should just, you know, not blink at all.

Round 1: The two touch gloves and are immediately getting to work! Every punch is thrown with 100% power and Semelsberger is able to drop Wells early. The ground and pound was heavy but Wells was able to recover by switching from boxing to wrestling. Jeremiah has Mathew on the fence and he eats a downward but legal elbow which seems to stun him. A takedown is scored and Wells is on top racking up control time. Some ground and pound lands, but nothing too big. Mathew gets back to his feet. Wells unloads a combination and gets an aggressive double leg takedown. Early domination for Mathew, but the majority of the round was in favor of Wells. I'd call this round a draw.

9-9 Round draw

Round 2: Another beginning of a round, another knockdown for Semelsberger. He follows Wells to the ground which may have not been the best idea. Wells works his way back up to  his feet and they're throwing heavy leather again. Wells is cracking, but his shots are all looping and beginning to be easy to read. His takedown wasn't telegraphed, though; another power double has Mathew fighting off of his back as the clock ticks. Semelsberger, who largely keeps his guard closed, finally opens up and tries to create a scramble. Nothing doing, back to guard. Similar to the first round, but I think Wells may have gotten the edge here.

10-9 Wells

Round 3: Who would've guessed that these two wouldn't waste anytime getting to work again. Some fun exchanges on the feet until Wells lifts Semelsberger up and slams him down to the mat again. Mathew has to get to work here. Wells passes to half guard and is threatening with an arm triangle. Mathew is hip to it, though. There are more scrambles in this round than the previous, but Wells is just a step ahead. Mathew returns to his feet but is immediately pressed to the fence. Semelsberger holds on to a kimura grip and has a bit too much faith in it; he's returned back to the mat with a minute and a half remaining. The clock does not seem to be Mathew's friend now. A triangle attempt looked promising for a moment, but Wells uses this to pass and he finishes the round by big brothering Semelsberger.

Official Result: Jeremiah Wells vis split decision

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