How to Watch Power Slap 4: Live Streaming and Schedule



How to Watch Power Slap 4: Live Streaming and Schedule

If you're wondering how to watch Power Slap 4, you're in the right place to find out. For those of you that are wanting to watch Power Slap but don't know how, we'll give you all of the details you need to know, along with what Power Slap 4's card is looking like. This card is pretty stacked and is looking like it'll be great — you could say that this card slaps.

So, the streaming options are really easy for this event. Easy to watch entertainment for a Wednesday night? Can't really find a reason not to watch, can you? Power Slap is on the rise; with Dana White's push and the stars doing their thing, it's easy to see why this sport is spreading like wildfire. So, on that note, let's spread it a bit more! The Power Slap schedule and how to watch it are all down below.

How to Watch Power Slap 4: When it Starts and Where to Stream

how to watch Power Slap 4

Dana White has come under an extreme amount of criticism for the Power Slap League, and has been forced to defend it at nearly every turn. (Image Credit: MMA Weekly)

Power Slap 4 will be streamed on Rumble. Live, and for free, Rumble will be the answer to those questioning how to watch Power Slap 4. Not only that, but Rumble has a lot of previous Power Slap videos to get you caught up for this event. Weigh ins, face offs, previews — if you need anything to get you more emotionally invested, Rumble is the place to go.

To get you started on the emotional investment — the main event is between two of the hardest hitting light heavyweights in the organization. Ayjay Hintz will take on Austin Turpin. The winner, should they get the job done in emphatic fashion, are sure to line themselves up for a title shot against the current champion, Ron Bata.

Now that we've covered how to watch Power Slap 4, let's get into what exactly you'll be watching. The Power Slap schedule for this Wednesday's event is a strong one for fans of combat.

Power Slap 4: Main Card

The Power Slap 4 main card is as good as it gets. Though the sport is arguably in it's infancy stage still, especially in the mainstream, Dana White has really hit the ground running with putting on great cards with excellent match making. Here's on that will knock your socks off while concomitantly slapping the taste out of many participant's mouths.

The card will start at 9 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. CST and 6 p.m. PST. Again, this card is Wednesday, August 9th. This isn't a weekend event, this is some great, free combat sports entertainment for a week day. Truly a blessing.

  • Ayjay Hintz vs Austin Turpin
  • Duane Crespo vs Nate Burnard
  • Da Crazy Hawaiian vs Kamil Marusarz
  • Dorian Perez vs James Stonier

How to Watch Power Slap 4 – the Prelims

how to watch Power Slap 4The Power Slap 4 main card and, conveniently enough, the prelims will all be streamed on Rumble.

  • Cole Young vs Jewel Scott
  • Wesley Drain vs Amir Nuriddeen
  • Cody Vallo vs Kalani Vakameilalo
  • Robert Trujillo vs Paul Teague

Power Slap isn't going anywhere, so it's best to get well-acquainted now. The sport has been garnering attention for some time now, but once Dana White attached himself, things have skyrocketed. The slap athletes of this card all have the potential to be the face of the sport in no time. Everyone is unique, driven and make it pretty difficult to look away.

Make sure you tune in and catch the action, all of which will be live streamed on Rumble!


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