Power Slap 7 Purse: Just How Much Do They Get Paid?



New combat sports emerge every year and in 2023, we witnessed the birth of Dana White's Power Slap. Despite the dangerous nature of this new discipline, the athletes seem to be severely underpaid. Let's talk about the Power Slap 7 purse.

Power Slap Fighter Pay: Why Are Salaries So Low?

Fans (and haters) have been debating the salaries in Power Slap before the debut event a year ago. We can summarize all that's being said into two main directives.

Numero uno – Power Slap fighters are seriously underpaid, given that a single shot would probably causes more brain damage than you and I will ever receive in our lives.

…and two – why are people even getting paid to do this sh*t?

Whether you like it or not, Power Slap will not get cancelled.

Just like any other sport, the salaries vary from athlete to athlete. It all depends on his/her experience, form, public image, and talent.

Don't quote us – we really do not think that talent plays a huge role in this sport but Dana White says so, right? Training seems to be a game changer and you can really get better at slapping people but in the end, you need good genes to be naturally suitable for this so-called sport.

Anyway, back to the Power Slap 7 purse. Dana has not spoken about money in a while but if we go back around a year ago, he mentioned that he paid as much as $45,000 to an athlete.

To be fair, getting $45,000 for this doesn't sound too bad. After all, the minimal wage for UFC fighters is $10,000 and the majority of the roster earns less than $45,000 per fight.

Most of them will never earn more than that, and having a full camp with 3+ months of training is far more difficult than training to slap someone three times.

You see, we have no issues with the $45k. Perhaps this record has even been broken in the events since that interview. The problem is that the majority of the fighters don't get more than $10,000 per bout.

In fact, the minimal guaranteed salary in Power Slap is just $2,000. This was confirmed by ex-UFC fighter Eric Spicely, who got paid this amount to step on the stage on his debut. So, $2k and a $2k bonus if you win. Now that's tough.

From what we've heard, the usual wages vary between $2-10 thousand per match. Some of the better-known “slappers” make more than that and it is easy to guess which ones, but the majority are not so lucky.

With 13 fights scheduled for this Friday, the Power Slap 7 purse is unlikely to surpass $200,000 in total. Maybe it will, maybe the purses have increased without any public mentions.

However, Dana White himself said that the salaries in this new promotion closely resemble the purses for the earliest UFC events in the 90s. Back then, fighters definitely did not make more than 10k per fight.

The wages probably remain low for the time being but there is no doubt that as Power Slap grows in popularity, we will start hearing about bigger and bigger purses.

Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.