Holland vs Page Prediction: A Venomous UFC Introduction



Holland vs Page Prediction: A Venomous UFC Introduction

It's rare that a UFC debutante attracts as much attention as Michael “Venom” Page has prior to UFC 299 this weekend — although our Holland vs Page prediction will make it obvious why the hype is warranted. 

Considering that these are two of the world's most entertaining welterweights, fans are fight to feel like this bout has an excellent chance of being deemed fight of the night. Yet, can “MVP” keep his hype train rolling, or will Kevin Holland return to his talkative yet effective form? 

One Kevin Holland vs Michael Page prediction we feel certain of is this: don't blink when this fight begins. 

UFC 299: Holland vs Page Prediction 

Kevin Holland Preview

Even since arriving in the UFC in 2018, Kevin Holland — an American fighter with a 25-10 professional record, which includes 13 KO and eight submission victories — has become must-see TV every time he enters the octagon. 

While his fighting is impressive, he has won over most fans due to his immaculate trash talking, and nonchalant attitude toward cage fighting. 

But don't let the cheeky banter fool you: Kevin Holland is an excellent fighter. 

Especially after moving down to welterweight, Holland has proven that he can compete with the world's best fighters. While he hasn't earned that one massive victory which vaults him up the rankings, that big win could come this weekend.

Although Holland is primarily a striker, our Holland vs Page prediction is that he will want to employ a more grappling-heavy approach against Page. We expect that Holland will have the advantage once this fight gets to the ground, and that trying to submit or out-wrestle Page will present the clearest path to victory. 

Yet, knowing Holland, we'll probably want to see whether he can strike with Page, earning himself a performance bonus in the process.

Michael Page Preview

If you're looking for an MMA highlight reel that is equal parts impressive and hilarious, look no further than Michael “Venom” Page — a British fighter with a 21-1 professional record, which includes 12 KO and four submission victories.

Page will be making his UFC debut this weekend, after having fought for Bellator for the vast majority of his MMA career.

While many people are unsure about Page's ceiling, considering that he hasn't consistently fought top tier talent, one thing is for sure: Page is a whole lot of fun to watch.

Given that Page will surely be looking to impress the UFC 299 crowd, our Kevin Holland vs Michael Page prediction is that we expect a good deal of showboating and flashy techniques from “Venom” this weekend.

In the past, these techniques have often resulted in knockouts — but it's tough to imagine Kevin Holland will fall for these same tricks. 

Kevin Holland vs Michael Page: Holland Halts the Hype

Our official Holland vs Page prediction is that Kevin Holland will win. 

While we do believe in that prediction, it's also very easy to imagine that Michael “Venom” Page will put a stop to Kevin Holland via strikes — and for Holland to perhaps submit Page. For that reason, the bet we're feeling best about is for the fight to not go the distance — which is available at +110.

And if Michael Page does emerge victorious, we think it will be because he knocked out Holland. Therefore, we would suggest taking a look at Michael Page to win by KO, which you can currently get for +450.

There's a reason that fans are just as excited for this fight as any other one on the card. Considering that both of these warriors are showmen at heart, we have no doubt that they're going to put on a spectacular performance on Saturday night. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.