UFC Fight Night: Curtis Blaydes Vs Tom Aspinall Press Conference



UFC Fight Night: Curtis Blaydes Vs Tom Aspinall Press Conference

Curtis Blaydes vs Tom Aspinall press conference is going to kick off on 5:15 AM ET (11:15 AM CET) on Wednesday, as the promotion moved to the O2 Arena in London, England, UK.

Beef History And Statements

The second half of the main event, Tom Aspinall, talked about “the scary fight” against “Razor” Blaydes in Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.


“Curtis Blaydes is probably the toughest fight in the division for me stylistically, but I’m okay with that because that pushes me to a whole new level. That pushes me to levels I’ve never been before, and that’s what I need.“

“If I’m with someone that’s going to make me comfortable, I’m going to stay exactly where I am and do the exact same work that I’ve been doing. If you’re going to give me someone that I think is a scary fight and you’re going to give me fear, you don’t want to see me scared, because I end up doing stuff like I did in the O2 the time I fought. I end up doing some crazy stuff that I’ve never done before. So me with a massive fight with a really tough guy, that’s dangerous. That’s dangerous for any heavyweight.”

Pimblett Vs Leavitt

“Paddy The Baddy” is a fan favorite for a reason. His beef with Jordan Leavitt goes on and on… so it might become the main attraction of the UFC Fight Night London.

Schmo asked Jordan Leavitt about the upcoming fight with Pimblett recently, and it seems “The Monkey King” is super-confident in his win. He’d like to take part in two wars against the Brit.

That’s really the goal (fighting Pimblett twice). I could finish him in the first round, he has the excuse for a bad weight cut, we rematch in the T-Mobile Arena, I get Paddy Pimblett twice; let’s get this thing out of the way right now, right this time, this year.”

“I don’t have to worry about it in the future, because I want Paddy Pimblett now when we’re both young, both in the prime of our lives, and I’ll get to beat him twice hopefully.”

Pimblett looked angry at his YouTube channel because Leavitt obviously underestimated him. The Brit shared his vision of the upcoming fight.

“I don’t even know that much about him, to be honest. He’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu. He’s 3-1 in the UFC. As I say, he’s a black belt, so that’s the best thing that he’s got going for him when I knock him out on the feet, in the first five minutes, more than likely. That’s it. I’m going to come out and put it on him in a big way and he’ll wilt under the pressure in the first or early second, and I’m going to finish him.”

Where To Watch UFC Fight Night Press Conference

The MMA Junkie covers it. The link for the UFC press conference is here.

Press Conference Highlights

Here is Curtis Blaydes Vs Tom Aspinall press conference highlight reel (playlist below).

Tom Aspinall looks shocked cause he’s the betting favorite versus Blaydes, while Curtis believes a victory over Aspinall leads him to a bout with Tuivasa vs Gane winner.

Jordan Leavitt doesn’t look too much interested in the Paddy Pimblett matchup, while angry Paddy won’t touch gloves with Leavitt at the beginning of the fight.

Darren Till corners Chris Curtis at the UFC London. Interestingly, Curtis fights as a replacement for Till versus Hermansson in the same event. Interestingly, Jack had an odd feeling that Till was gonna withdraw from the bout.

Nikita Krylov sees Alexander Gustafsson as “the biggest he has faced in his career”, while Gustafsson is happy to be back at his natural weight class (205).

Molly McCann discussed her magical spinning back elbow KO over Luana Carolina, while Mason Jones believes UFC London is “the perfect place” to start building some legacy.

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