UFC 278: Kamaru Usman Vs Leon Edwards Press Conference



UFC 278: Kamaru Usman Vs Leon Edwards Press Conference

UFC 278 press conference looks pretty interesting, as there are many guys ready to trash talk and make fans laugh. Paulo Costa, Luke Rockhold, and Leon Edwards are pretty much famous for their funny statements and trolling their opponents in the build-up for their fights.

UFC 278 Salt Lake City’s full fight card brings a lot of entertaining bouts, and before the presser, there were some heated comments at the UFC 278 media day.

UFC 278 Media Day Highlights

The reigning defending 170-pound champion Kamaru Usman didn’t look too worried about the upcoming fight. “The Nigerian Nightmare” denies fame changing him, but wants to become bigger than a movie star “The Rock”. Leon Edwards hopes for a trilogy fight with Kamaru if he wins the title on Saturday.

Paulo Costa faced weight issues against Marvin Vettori in the past, but this time he guarantees he’d make weight, plus The Brazilian confirmed the final bout of his UFC contract. As expected, Luke Rockhold was very critical, and he unloaded hard on fighter’s pay, medical care, and “weak-minded mother*cker Paulo Costa”.

Jose Aldo expects a title shot with a win over Merab and sees Aljamain Sterling as a champ, while Merab is shocked with Jose Aldo’s match-up. Also, the Georgian is not keen on fighting the division king Sterling.

Harry Hunsucker fired back at trolls who were talking sh*t about his name, while Tyson Pedro plans to make up for lost time and expects a stoppage victory.

Marcin Tybura is not intimidated by Romanov’s wrestling, while Romanov believes he needs 3-4 more fights to unlock the access to the top-heavyweight names.

Leonardo Santos is 42 years old, but he doesn’t plan to retire from MMA any time soon. Jared Gordon opened up about the dark side of his life, claiming that MMA made his life worse, and didn’t help him.

Where To Watch UFC 278 Press Conference?

Kamaru Usman Vs Leon Edwards press conference is gonna go down on Thursday on 7 PM ET (Friday, 1 AM CET) on the official UFC’s YouTube channel.

UFC 278 Presser Highlights And Best Moments

As expected, the greatest trash talk was seen between the two halves of the co-main event – Luke Rockhold and Paulo Costa. Of course, Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman made the fans laugh too.


Costa Vs Rockhold Highlights

Paulo Costa And Luke Rockhold were having a heated argument at the UFC 278 presser. In the first place, Rockhold accused Costa of doing everything he can to stay away from fighting him.

“This motherf****** didn’t want to take the fight in the first place,” Rockhold said. “The UFC forced it down his throat and then he delayed it twice, month after month, and all the cosmetic bulls*** he got done. You little b****, shut up.”

Costa laughed and fired back at the former 37-year-old 185-pound division champion.

“Come on, this guy is too old to say this kind of bulls***. Come on,” Costa said. “You are too old to say this kind of bulls***.

“He can say this bulls***. I don’t feed on an older man like he is. It doesn’t matter on the day of the fight. We will be close in the same cage, just me and him and we will see who has more energy, who has more power, and more will to win this fight.”

Costa also trolled Rockhold’s outfit, claiming he was not properly dressed for his real age. According to Paulo, Luke was dressed like a teenager.

“I’m old, I’m young. What am I?” Rockhold shouted. “Shut the f*** up.”

But then Rockhold slammed Costa when he asked about Paulo’s current weight. He described what happened when Costa dealt with adversity.

“The one time you dealt with adversity you missed weight by 20 f****** pounds.

“My question what’s your weight at? We all want to know. Are you going to make weight? Are you going to make f****** weight?”

Costa fired back, but he had no argument for the current topic, so he switched to offering the prediction of the fight after a simple “f*ck you”.

“I’m on my primetime,” he said. “I will f*** this old man up on Saturday. He is visibly uncomfortable because he knows he will face a monster. He knows already. Look at him, He’s uncomfortable. I will retire him on Saturday.”

Usman Vs Edwards Highlights

There was tension between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman before their rematch too. Yet, the two predominantly had misunderstandings about style, cars, and “envy” heading into their UFC 278 bout.

Edwards was criticizing Usman for “being too big for his britches” because “The Nigerian Nightmare” became one of the most successful guys in the sport. But Usman’s recent movie role hasn’t shifted his focus from the upcoming 170-pound title fight, according to the Nigerian.

“Talk is talk. There’s one thing that got me here, and that’s my work ethic. Success only drives me to work even harder. If they think I’m slipping, it’s going to be a bad night for him.”

Kamaru’s ranked above Leon, but the Brit enters the match with his own beliefs.

“It’s not personal for me,” Edwards said. “I believe I am No. 1. I’m out to prove it. He’s just now wearing a t-shirt and closing up his t-shirt. It’s all good.”

Usman didn’t look too interested in Edwards’ trash-talk attempts.

“If you looked like me, you would dress like this too,” Usman said. “It’s just envy. You look like me, you would dress like me too.”

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