UFC Vegas 73: Dern vs Hill LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates and Results



UFC Vegas 73: Dern vs Hill LIVE UFC Round by Round Updates and Results

It's fight day! Chill out here with me as I give you the live UFC round by round updates, results, and coverage for UFC Vegas 73.

UFC Fight Night 223 is what's drawing in the attention of fight fans around the world tonight. Mackenzie Dern and Angela Hill are the marquee names and, given the stylistic clash, this is almost promised to be a fun fight. Dern, 1-2 in her last three, will look to bounce back into the win column at the expense of Angela Hill, who could make it three in a row with a win here tonight.

Before our main event, we have a lot of fun fights to cover. Heavy hitters and prolific finishers galore! It's cards like this that generate a lot of highlights for the UFC. With that being said, I'll be giving round by round updates and updating you all on who won and how. Hang out here and get all the notifications you need!

Main Event – LIVE UFC Vegas 73 Round by Round Updates: Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill

UFC round by round updates - Dern vs Hill

Two fighters that can truly do it all, the main event here is one of those fight where you need to put blinking on the back burner. Dern is a submission specialist that's really coming into her own in the striking department. With a game that's just getting more and more well-rounded, she can end this fight anywhere.

Getting Hill out of there is no easy feat; having only been stopped twice before, ‘Overkill' shows that she's as durable as a fighter can be. Moreover, she's got some of the slickest hands in the division. Though she's fighting someone much higher ranked than her, Angie doesn't pay much attention to the number next to the name. In fact, she's fought most everyone in the top five already, so she should enter this fight very confident.

Let's get to it! Main event time.

Round 1: Dern starts the fight off by throwing hammers and nothing but hammers until she's able to clinch. They break and Mackenzie gets right back to work. She lands more heavy shots before hitting a throw and actually spinning herself around to the bottom position. They return to their feet for a moment until Dern drops Hill. The jiu jitsu ace stays patient while on top until she gets mount and then nearl completes an armbar. Saved by the clock, Hill will see a second round.

10- 9 Dern

Round 2: Without skipping a beat, Mackenzie starts swinging away again. Perhaps a bit too sloppy, Dern puts herself in a losing position after exposing her back to Hill. The two are locked in a clinch on the fence with Angela in the more advantageous position. They break and Mackenzie is back to throwing heavy leather. Hill accrued some more control time on the cage but ehen they broke, she landed her best shot of the fight. It's hard to tell if Dern is slowing down; regardless it wasn't the best round for her.

10-9 Hill

Round 3: A slip early on puts Dern on her back and she gets right to work with a triangle before attempting an armbar. This attempt allows Hill to escape and return to her feet. Not out of the fire, Hill is rocked with a knee on the feet and once again, Dern hits a throw with a bit too much enthusiasm and is rolled over with the momentum. After dominating on top, another armbar attempt was put to an end by the end of the round.

10-8 Dern

Round 4: This was a much better round for Hill, but not anything that's going to win her the fight. Beaten but not Broken, she gathered some more control time on the fence. However, I believe Dern won the stand up and she ended the round on top after rolling out from a clinch.

10-9 Dern

Round 5: Right where they left off, Dern is back on top! She hit a head and arm throw and scrambled her way into Hill's guard. Dern spends the entirety of the round cycling from mount, back mount, and isolating arms. Oh, and landing bombs while doing all of these things. This round, along with the first, could've been 10-8s like round three was. Close, though.

10-9 Dern

Official result: Mackenzie Dern via unanimous decision

Co-main Event – LIVE UFC Vegas 73 Round by Round Updates: Edmen Shahbazyn vs Anthony Hernandez

A hot prospect that was pushed a bit too far too early, Edmen Shahbazyn has corrected the course of his career by bouncing back in the win column following a three fight skid. Having finished 11 of his 12 wins, 10 of which were by KO/TKO, ‘The Golden Boy' will be looking to be the man to snap Hernandez's winning streak.

Quite the finisher himself, ‘Fluffy' is as dangerous a fighter as Shahbazyn has faced. When Hernandez was able to submit grappling icon, Rodolfo Vieira, the world had no choice but to take notice of this young up-and-comer. All signs point to this fight being a fast, furious bout that the judges probably won't be necessary for.

Round 1: All Edmen early as he's roughing Hernandez up and stuffing takedowns. Regardless, Anthony is all smiles. ‘Fluffy; is finally able to close the distance, but then Edmen scores a takedown of his own. Anthony lands a huge right hand before shooting for another takedown, but Shahbazyan is prepared for this kind of fight. As close as it gets to finishing a standing guillotine, Edmen nearly chokes out his opponent. There were about 3 submission attempts in 30 seconds, but it was Edmen's guillotine and armbar that looked the best. However, it's a pace like this that seems to be his kryptonite.

10-9 Shabazyan

Round 2: Hernandez weathered the storm and is grinding out Edmen now. With plenty of variety in his offense, he's doing with Edmen what he wants. A super deep choke gives Shahbazyan a way out, but Edmen refuses to tap out. He's scrambling out of bad situations when he needs to, but all he's doing is surviving.

10-8 Hernandez

Round 3: Hernandez gets a takedown right away and it seems the finish is imminent now. Anthony gets mount right by the fence and ‘Fluffy' gets the job done!

Official result: Anthony Hernandez via third round TKO

Emily Ducote vs Lupita Godinez

A battle between two exciting flyweights, Emily Ducote and Lupita Godinez are both looking to solidify their position within the division. Ducote is 1-1 in the UFC. A win here will put her back in the win column, but a finish here will put the division on notice. Godinez, who's never been finished, will try to create another winning streak at the expense of Ducote.

Round 1: Godinez led the dance with her boxing in the first round. She kept things tight and straight, nearly landing at will. There wasn't really any big moment in this round, mostly just Godinez peppering away at Ducote.

10-9 Godinez

Round 2: Lupita continues to land on her opponent. Ducote tried this step-in trip/takedown in the first with no success and she went to the well once more in this round. Once again, no dice. Emily, unable to get the fight to the ground, put some more faith in her boxing and she's looking a bit better now. A crisp one-two lands for Lupita and she stuff that trip/takedown once again. A near-takedown from Godinez was unexpected and maybe telling that she's getting tired.

10-9 Godinez

Round 3: What a fight this was! Ducote put her foot on the gas and picked up where she left off in the second round. She landed a beautiful uppercut, which may have been her best strike in the fight. But, Godinez was consistent with a high punch count the entire fight. Throw that in with her takedown defense and a takedown of her own to close the round, I've got this round, and the entire fight, for Lupita Godinez.

10-9 Godinez

Official result: Lupita Godinez via unanimous decision

Andre Fialho vs Joaquin Buckley

Do yourself a favor and watch this fight. But, you know, don't hold a child or anything glass while watching it. Both Fialho and Buckley are the type of fighters to get a gnarly finish and prompt fans to toss whatever they're holding. Of course, Buckley has one of, if not the best finish in UFC history. I don't think anyone watched that and didn't freak out.

Fialho is always eager to get out of there early, too. 14 of his 16 wins are by finish, and he's one of those fighters that's very willing to go out on his shield. This is a can't-miss no-blinker of a banger!

Round 1: Fialho is really taking his time to download what Jaoquin is offering. Buckley is landing, especially when he swarms. Fialho does start throwing near the halfway point of the round. His best shot was a kick that caught Buckley while he was level changing. That didn't stop Joaquin from dipping — he ends up scoring two big takedowns unofficially. At his explosive best, I'd give this round to Buckley, but it was close.

10-9 Buckley

Round 2: Fialho was a lot more down to throw in this round. He was able to sting Buckley a few times, but nothing super game changing. Andre did a great job keeping his composure despite the blitzes of Joaquin. This was a very close round, and just when we needed someone to do something big to win the round, Buckley does it again! He lands a huge head kick and stops the fight.

Official result: Joaquin Buckley via second round KO

The Main Card Begins Now! LIVE UFC Vegas 73 Round by Round Updates: Diego Ferreira vs Michael Johnson

To call this fight a “grappler vs striker” match up is probably accurate, but doesn't do either fighter justice. Both are very well-rounded competitors that have taken on some huge names in the UFC. Combine their wins and you'll find victories over fighters like Anthony Pettis, Dustin Poirier, and Tony Ferguson, just to name a few.

Round 1: Right away we can see that Johnson's speed is an issue. Johnson is an expert at throwing fast and making his opponent fight at his preferred range. He did those things very well and even wobbled Diego a bit near the end of the first round. This wasn't exactly a blowout round, but Johnson clearly had the better and more frequent strikes.

10-9 Johnson

Round 2: Johnson and Ferreira are getting a bit sassy with each other now. Diego finally shoot and Johnson uses the whizzer to thwart the takedown. Much like Josh Emmett, Diego lands a bomb of an overhand and sleeps Michael.

Official result: Diego Ferreira via second round KO

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