UFC Fight Results: UFC on ABC 4 Card Was Incredible



UFC Fight Results: UFC on ABC 4 Card Was Incredible

The dust has settled and the UFC fight results have given us a bit more clarity as to how the organization will move forward, primarily in the heavyweight division. 

UFC on ABC 4 results show us that Jailton Almeida is legitimate, Johnny Walker is as complete as ever, and Ian Garry is more than deserving of a top 15 fighter next. Though there were many great moments on this card, I'll be delving more specifically into the main card winners and what should be next for them.

Main Event UFC Fight Results: Jailton Almeida Did What Jailton Almeida Does

The Khamzat Chimaev vibes are omnipresent in Jailton Almeida; in fact, the Brazilian has only eaten two significant strikes throughout his time fighting for the UFC(not counting his DWCS bout). Jairzinho Rozenstruik posed big issues for Almeida on paper, but just as the oddsmakers predicted, the first round submission extends the Brazilian powerhouse's winning streak to fourteen.

Despite ‘Bigi Boy' and the entire world knowing what ‘Malhadino' was wanting to do, the Brazilian executed the game plan to perfection and became the first to submit Rozenstruik — he got the takedown, took the back, sunk in a choke and got the tap. Almeida is irrefutably a force to be reckoned with at heavyweight.

Megan Olivi has the opportunity to catch up with the main event winner and ask if he was surprised at how the fight went:

“No surprises there. That's what I wanted to do, I knew he was a good striker so I took him down and once I took him down there, I know exactly what to do. The strategy is there, I know what [Rozenstruik] presents down there. You know, he's a guy that, once he's on the ground, he turns into a turtle.”

So, what's next for this guy? Good question. He requested Tai Tuivasa next, and on paper, it makes sense. Tuivasa isn't one to turn down a challenge, but he's on a two fight losing streak and this isn't exactly a fight that, should Jailton win, will prove anything more than what he proved over this past weekend.

I think a very interesting fight for Almeida next would be against Sergey Spivak. Spivak is on a three fight winning streak, above Jailton in the ranks, and has the skillset to make things very interesting once the grappling starts.

UFC on ABC 4 Results: Johnny Walker defeats Anthony Smith

With three wins in a row, it seems that Brazil's Jonny Walker has really come into his own. He had a great start in the UFC, but was pushed a bit too quickly, resulting in a bit of a fall from grace. However, after training under one John Kavanagh for some time, Walker seems to finally be hitting another stride.

His victory over Anthony Smith wasn't the most pretty, and it was oddly tense, but a win is a win. Especially at this level. So, as Walker moves forward, it's only fair that he fights up in the ranks next. A name that has been chilling in the top five is Aleksandar Rakić. His last fight was a year ago and he lost after succumbing to a knee injury. He's since undergone surgery and, should things heal up well, we should expect him back soon.

This could be a very great fight stylistically, but perhaps more importantly, it'll be a good match to make when trying to fins a rightful number one contender in a division that could use some time to sort itself out. Jamahal Hill is the rightful champion, but it's Jiří Procházka that had the belt and never lost it.

So yeah, with all of the confusion of who deserves what at light heavyweight, I think Walker vs Rakić is a banger that makes sense, should Aleksander return soon-ish.

UFC Fight Results: Ian Garry Steamrolls Daniel Rodriguez

UFC fight results Ian Garry impresses

Listen, D-Rod is one of my favorite fighters on the roster. This is a guy that'll take the tough challenges and look incredible while doing so. This was a scary fight for Ian Garry, or at least, that's what I was thinking in the lead up to this bout. Garry went out there and made it look easy.

He started with the body kick and got Rodriguez thinking about it early. Soon enough, he went upstairs with the kick and put Daniel down. Follow up shots prompted referee interference and Rodriguez is stopped via strikes for the first time in his career. Get a more in-depth analysis of it here.

What's even more incredible is that Garry was calling for this kick in interviews before the fight. He's now a part of “the Shot Caller Club”, per Conor McGregor, who is a prominent member of said club.

After the fight, a very excited Garry grabbed a hot mic and gave us a hot call out. For his next bout, he wants to take on Neil Magny.

“I want the guy who's been known as the gatekeeper for the top 10 for God knows how long. His name is Neil Magny. I want you next! I'm going to knock you out, and I'm going to take my throne at the top ten, and I'm going to work my way through my six-fight streak to get that belt.”

I say we give him what he wants. Neil is no stranger to being a bad dude and taking on the fighters that nobody else wants, so why not let him do it again?

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