The Aftermath: UFC Fight Results and Match Making



The Aftermath: UFC Fight Results and Match Making

This past weekend gave us a very exciting card, and these UFC fight results answered a lot of questions. 

Another weekend passed, another great UFC card to review! So, the main takeaway here is this: Wow, Song Yadong is really, really good at fighting. He pushed Ricky Simon and as the fight played out, it began to look like Simon just didn't belong in there. Is Ricky one of the best fighters at bantamweight? Yes. Song Yadong is just higher on that list.

UFC Fight Results: Song Yadong Is a Problem

UFC fight results: Song Yadong vs Ricky Simon

Song Yadong looked like a world beater against Ricky Simon. He stayed true to his game plan, executed it pretty much flawlessly, and got the finish in the fifth round. This was just the second time that Simon has been finished via strikes. In his post-fight interview, the 25 year old called his next shot:

“Next, I want to fight top five fighters. I have the heaviest hands in this division!”

Who, in particular would would Song like to fight next? He elaborated:

“Sean O'Malley! Or, Chito Vera… you want to fight again? Rematch?”

As a fan, yes please. Yes to either of those. However, ‘Suga' Sean will probably do what anyone in his position would do, and that's wait out for his title shot. That leaves the Marlon Vera rematch, and all signs point to “fight of the year candidate” if we could get five rounds of that. Also, there's Rob Font waiting in the wings, too.

So, a rematch with Vera or a match against Font would be fitting for Song next. Either in a main event spot or co-main on a big card because both of those fights would deliver. This is more of a “wait and see” situation we've got here, though. With UFC 288 happening this Saturday, we'll have a lot more clarity on the bantamweight division in about a week's time.

Caio Borralho Stays Perfect in the UFC

What an entertaining fight this one was! Borralho weathered the storm that Michal brought and, in the second round, got to his opponent's back and secured his first finish in the promotion. Really, both Caio and Michal upped their stock in this fight, but it was the the Brazilian that left with the win bonus and a step up in the ranks.

During the post fight press conference, Borralho talked about how his team played a part in this win:

“The strategy with my team [was] to pass this first storm, and after that I would start to beat him up. Then I start to beat him up with my kick, my elbows, and then, eventually, the takedown. The best double leg in the UFC.”

In my opinion, a good next fight for Caio is against Andre Muniz. However, Muniz is not exactly with that matchup. When he was asked if that fight interests him, he responded:

“Not at all 'cause he's Brazilian, you know? Like, I'm not here going to call out Brazilians because it's all love.”

If not Muniz, then who? Caio wants Derek Brunson. Either one of those fights would be a lot of fun, but I also think that this version of Borralho is a can't-miss fighter. While we can't for sure say who he will fight next, it's obvious that he'll at least be fighting up the ranks. He has a bug following, he's charismatic, he speaks English better than I do(I grew up in America), and he can fight pretty well, too.

UFC Fight Night results: Rodolfo Vieira Bounces Back

I feel like it's safe to say that we all enjoy watching a good come back. Cody Brundage is a prolific finisher, and he usually does this early. With five of his eight wins coming in the first round, it was fair to assume that once he dropped Vieira in the first, he was going to add another first round win to his record.

Rodolfo weathered the storm, survived the round, and came back strong in the second. He was able to lock in an arm triangle and he forced the tap. Vieira still boasts a 100% finishing rate with eight of his nine wins coming by submission.

So, who should be next? The aforementioned Andre Muniz is an option. However, that's a pretty big jump up the rankings for Vieira. Is he ready for a jump that big? He could be. But, it's unfair to the rest of the division. Perhaps Jacob Malkoun should be next for the Brazilian as he looks to start another winning streak.

Vieira has what it takes to be a real problem at middleweight; should he continue to work on that gas tank and improve his stand up skills, he'll be a very complete fighter. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for him.

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