Noche UFC Live Updates: Round by Round Grasso vs Shevchenko 2 Updates



Noche UFC Live Updates: Round by Round Grasso vs Shevchenko 2 Updates

Interested in how Grasso vs Shevchenko II goes? We've got you covered on those Noche UFC live updates. For Mexican Independence Day, we've got a lot for the Mexican crowd to cheer for here. Alexa Grasso shocked the world when she submitted Valentina Shevchenko, and tonight, she'll look to show that it was no fluke.

Shevchenko is the best woman's flyweight we've ever seen; tonight, if she's able to win her title back, then it'll be undisputed that when she's at her best, there are no flyweights that can compare. At least, not for now. So, let's see how things unfold as we write the next chapter for the flyweight title.

Noche UFC Live Results: Shevchenko vs Grasso – What's on the Line?

More than a title, but legacy; Shevchenko has been the domineering name atop the female's 125lb mountain. Not many earn the shot to fight at this level, and not many want to when it's Shevchenko at the throne. But, there are the fighters that believe in themselves and with good reason.

Enter Alexa Grasso — confident, skilled, and proven to be capable. She took the belt from Valentina with a vicious choke attempt that worked more as crank on the jaw. Grasso got the win back in March, but each fight is a new one. Let's see what the Noche UFC live updates have in store for us tonight as we run it back for gold.

Noche UFC Live Updates

Noche UFC Live Updates

Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko weigh in ahead of their UFC flyweight tile rematch.

It's go time! There's nothing quite like a UFC main event. This may not be a PPV, but there's a title on the line and we've got a fired up crowd tonight. With the energy radiating even through a television, one could only imagine what the energy is like in the T-Mobile Arena right now.

With high energy comes a tense main event. The former champ and a woman we all regard as the best to do it as a female at 125lbs will try to right the wrong that was her UFC 285 performance. With that being said, it's not that Valentina was of, it's just that Alexa Grasso is really that good and can really beat the best out there when she makes her game work.

Considering Shevchenko was as dominant a champion as we've seen, it was a no-brainer to give her an immediate rematch. And he we are; it's time to run it back and it's time to see what direction the woman's flyweight division is headed.

Round 1: Another competitive opening round for Grasso and Shevchenko. The former champ's body kick lands twice and has Grasso hesitant to hang in the pocket in her orthodox stance. So, the champ goes southpaw and her jab from there can't miss. This was very even but Shevchenko scored a takedown and took the back.

A bit too eager to get that submission back, she lost position and we ended the round trading in the clinch.

10-9 Shevchenko

Round 2: Alexa Grasso hits so hard! She lands a huge shot and sends the former champ to the mat. Grasso rushes in and got stuck in a clinch battle. She lands a bunch of huge knees to the body and Valentina looks rocked still, but she does fire back well. The two break and Valentina scores a takedown.

On top but not doing much with it, Valentina is eventually pushed off and eats an kick for her troubles. Alexa is seeming to do more from the bottom and Shevchenko is doing from the top; that with the knockdown has me thinking this round goes to the champ.

10-9 Grasso

Round 3: Grasso has a superpower and it's called a jab from southpaw. Her piston-like right hand finds the mark with an incredible accuracy. Not a fan of that, Shevchenko secures another takedown and spends the majority of this round as a backpack. The champion has found her range on the feet, but if she can't stop the takedowns, it's looking like she's going to lose a decision.

10-9 Shevchenko

Round 4: This round was about as close as they get. Shevchenko started out well but got taken down. Grasso nearly took the back again but ended up too high and once the kimura grip didn't save her, she was on her back once again. We return to the feet but it's the former champion's jab and wrestling that's winning this fight for her thus far.

10-9 Shevchenko

Round 5: Whoever you gave the fourth round to should be the winner here! Shevchenko looked incredible with her jab and the threat of the takedown is always looming large with her. However, a sloppy takedown attempt results in Valentina getting her back taken again. The champ took this round with a vengeance as she was on Valentina's back, landing huge punches and nearly locking in another submission.

10-9 Grasso

Official result: Split draw; Alexa Grasso retains her belt

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