Nickal vs Brundage Prediction: Big Showcase For Bo



Nickal vs Brundage Prediction: Big Showcase For Bo

The subjects of our Nickal vs Brundage prediction are part of what is by far the most one-sided UFC 300 fight on paper.

It's clear that the UFC is trying to push one of these two fighters into stardom — which is proven by them placing this fight on the main card, above a number of former UFC champions and other bona fide superstars.

Yet, placement on the card doesn't matter. When it comes time to fight, the only question is which of these two fighters will shine brightest.

And our Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage prediction will make it clear which fighter that will be.

UFC 300: Nickal vs Brundage Prediction

Bo Nickal Preview

Bo Nickal — an American fighter with a 5-0 professional record, which includes 2 KO and 3 submission victories — is destined for UFC superstardom.

And winning this UFC 300 fight in impressive fashion will put him on the fast track to becoming a world renowned name.

Nickal has some of the best wrestling pedigree that can be found on the entire planet. He was an NCAA champion wrestler, and knows what it takes to succeed with a spotlight on him.

While Nickal has proven that he's a competent striker, there's no doubt that he is the superior grappler in this matchup.

Yet, because Nickal is going to want to put on a show, our Nickal vs Brundage prediction is that Nickal will come out swinging in the first round. He'll look to land something clean early, and if that doesn't work, then he can always resort to his wrestling.

Regardless of how he does so, we expect Nickal to showcase his champion potential on Saturday.

Cody Brundage Preview

Cody Brundage — an American fighter with a 10-5 professional record, which includes 5 KO and 3 submission victories — is being fed to the wolves in this fight.

Yet, despite what the insane betting odds might make it seem, there's a world where Brundage can make this a competitive fight.

The most important thing for Brundage to do on Saturday is to ensure that Nickal isn't feeling too comfortable in the ring. He will need to earn some respect early on, in order to keep Bo at bay.

And since Nickal has never made it out of the first round, there's a chance that he'll get tired after that.

Our Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage is that we don't believe Nickal will get tired. But one can never know for certain.

Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage: A Massacre By Bo

Our official Nickal vs Brundage prediction is for Bo Nickal to win in the first round — which is currently available for -190.

Bo Nickal has won every single professional MMA fight he has had in the first round. We don't expect this fight against a clearly inferior opponent to be any different.

But that's for sure is that the fight to not go to the distance — currently available at -1200 — is the easiest money you'll make all weekend.

Nickal has been set up to succeed at UFC 300. We believe he'll do exactly that.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.