Roy Jones Jr. On Jake Paul: I Love What I’m Seeing



Roy Jones Jr. On Jake Paul: I Love What I’m Seeing

The list of reasons to dislike Jake Paul in boxing is getting smaller, and the latest praise comes from Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr. Speaking on the latest “ProBox TV Podcast,” Jones Jr. advised the rest of the boxing world to pay attention to what the YouTube superstar is doing.

“First of all, if you're a boxer, and you're not taking note on notice of what Jake Paul is doing. If you're worrying about criticizing his boxing skills, you're a fool because he made 40 million last year. So actually, you should pay attention to what the hell he's doing outside of the ring. Understand me?” Jones said on the latest episode of the podcast.

“If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense,” is what DJ Quik told me on “Dollarz & Sense,” and that's the sentiment that Jones is echoing here. No question about that.

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Jones further explained:

“If you better yourself inside the ring and use what he's teaching you outside the ring, you can probably do what he's doing. Because he's done a hell of a job teaching you guys how to use social media to up your grade, you understand? If you don't take that lesson, then you're crazy.

Jones also praised Paul on what he was doing in the ring and prepared for this upcoming matchup against Hasim Rahman Jr. on August 6 in New York City.

“Second, he has done much better with his skills. His skill level is definitely increasing, and I see it from fight to fight,” Jones said. “I love what I'm seeing. I love the fact that he dedicated himself to learning the sport of boxing.”

High praise from the Hall of Famer, and no one will question any of this except those who, at this point, don't like Jake Paul. Win, lose, or draw, taking on against Rahman Jr., who many feel is a better fight on paper than original opponent Tommy Fury should quiet the argument of a real fighter at least. Rahman Jr., son of heavyweight Hall of Famer Hasim Rahman, is that in every sense of the world, as seen at this Tuesday's press conference in New York.

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