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Denny vs Cash Prediction: Clash of the Experienced and Undefeated



Denny vs Cash Prediction: Clash of the Experienced and Undefeated

Resorts World Arena, Birmingham, will host a 12-round middleweight division fight between Tyler Denny and Felix Cash on June 22. The Southpaw and more experienced fighter, Denny, will be squaring against a knockout monster, Cash. This fight promises to be fearsome – someone will walk away with the EBU European Middleweight Champion. Read on for our Denny vs Cash prediction. 

Denny vs Cash Prediction: EBU European Middleweight Title Defence or Usurp?

Tyler Denny Preview

The experienced Denny will be taking on a worthy rival with five wins in the last five boxing matches, including one knockout. The 32-year-old Southpaw has managed one knockout in 23 boxing matches so far in his career, which amounts to an underwhelming 6% knockout percentage. 

Will being three inches below his opponent at 5'10” not hamper his chances of claiming another victory on the back of his recent five to add to his already blemished record? Remember, Denny has faced two losses in his 23-match career. 

Tyler Denny started from a humble beginning and has upset unbeaten boxers' records on the way to the top, including Brad Pauls, Bradley Rea, and Derrick Osaze. The experienced menace debuted in professional boxing in 2015. One of Denny's greatest strengths is thinking fast on his feet.

On November 23, Denny clinched the EBU European Middleweight Champion against the holder at the time, 44-year-old Italian Boxer Mateo Signani. Now, he is about to battle it out against his next opponent to defend his title. 

Will his experience and perseverance see him through? Keep on reading to see what our Denny vs Cash prediction is. 

Felix Cash Preview

The knockout monster, Cash, at the current age of 31, has 16 wins out of 16, with an impressive 63% knockout record to defend in the ring. 

He has quite the agility and technical skills to wield away shots fired from opponents towards him. Towering at a height of 6'1”, he can be quite the intimidating figure. Cash will use his stance as an advantage against his next rival. 

Cash's first-ever professional fight was in the 02 Arena, a bout to always remember against Yailton Neves, leading to his first win of many. Currently, he holds the Commonwealth Middleweight title and the British Middleweight title. Cash is on an intimidating run, knocking out three of his last five opponents. 

Cash will have his hands full with his next opponent, looking to defend his EBU European Middleweight Champion. But will Felix Cash's tenacity see him to a third-holding title? Get ready to discover our Denny vs Cash prediction. 

Our Tyler Denny vs Felix Cash Prediction: Who Takes Home the Belt?

Here at NYFights, we stand with Felix Cash for our Denny vs Cash prediction. 

None of these two fighters have put a foot wrong with any of their most recent five fights. Denny may not be the most intimidating fighter, but he puts all his focus into his fights. However impressive Denny's one knockout in the last five matches is, Cash has three. 

Stepping into the ring, Denny lords over Cash with 89 more professional rounds. Cash returns with an astonishing 63% knockout percentage to Denny's 6%. Well, that puts Denny in the way of serious firepower from Cash. 

Clearly, without a doubt, Tyler Denny is the underdog here. The betting odds support Denny as the underdog with 13/8 (+160) odds. With 1/2 (-200), Cash may be on the verge of an outright win. Bet on Cash if you believe in him like we do!

Bren Gray is our resident Kiwi, and has been writing about sports since he could first string words together. He first fell in love with boxing when David Tua took on Lennox Lewis in 2000, and hasn't looked back since.