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BKFC Mexico Predictions: Mexican Fighters, Assemble



In this rare week without a UFC event, martial arts fans will be blessed with a massive bare-knuckle event in Mexico. Anyone who follows combat sports knows that Mexicans always bring the heat. Here are our BKFC Mexico predictions.

BKFC Mexico Predictions: A Chance for Local Talents to Shine

Rubio vs Gallegos Prediction

The main event of the fight card will of course feature two locals as Rodolfo Perez faces Luis Gallegos.

Rodolfo Perez is a 37-year-old athlete who previously competed in mixed martial arts and fought 33 times, in which he was able to score 19 victories, five of which with knockouts. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this will be his first bare-knuckle debut.

On the other end, Luis Gallegos is 36 years old and he also previously competed in mixed martial arts. He has significantly less experience. He fought 17 fights, of which I was able to win nine victories, three of which were obtained by knockout. And even more surprisingly, he will also make his debut on Saturday.

Due to their age and lack of experience in bare-knuckle boxing, we envision that this fight will end early. Someone will make a mistake at some point but it is impossible and irrational to try and pick a winner. Let's start our BKFC Mexico predictions with a bet that this fight will end ahead of schedule.

Fernandez vs Sanchez Prediction

The heaviest pair of the evening, Julian Fernandez and Lino Sanchez will fight at cruiserweight. Fernandez, also known as Pit Bull Jr., was a professional boxer before joining the promotion and has a record of 15-4. He is known for his knockout power and has 12 KOs in 19 fights.

Lino Sanchez is only 27 years old and has brief experience in boxing (2-2) and MMA (1-3). He is fast and brutal but his youth may prevent him from surviving Pit Bull power.

We would love to add Fernandez to our BKFC Mexico predictions but the safer option is to once again opt for the early finish. Both men will make their debut on Saturday and will try to rip each other apart.

Cordova vs Matos Prediction

Guess what, more debutants. Roman “Gallo Negro” Cordova faces Donny “Terrier” Matos in an earlier bout and this is a very interesting pair.

Cordova is 31 years old and enters the BKFC roster with a 12-16 record in MMA. Apart from the negative stats, the interesting part is that he fought 28 times in four years. He is beyond active.

Terrier is 36 years old and even more experienced in MMA, having a 26-12 record as a pro. He is an all-rounder but we have to point out that he won most of his victories via submission.

For this reason only, we have to side with Cordova for our BKFC Mexico predictions. His record may be negative but he is extremely experienced, has monstrous cardio, and will be more confident in a striking exchange.

Castaneda vs Tovar Prediction

This one has the potential to be the fight of the night. Luis Castaneda is a beast and his experience would make any normal human being tremble.

He is a Muay Thai specialist who spent years fighting in Thailand and amassed 27 knockouts. He also participated in bare-knuckle Muay Thai competitions, which is impressive.

On the other end, “El Rudo” also has experience across multiple disciplines, having fought in MMA (7-8-1), boxing, and Muay Thai.

Nevertheless, we have to side with Castaneda for our BKFC predictions as he brings years of experience and proven knockout power. Despite his considerable age, he should have the strength to make a statement in bare-knuckle boxing.

Overall, there will be no bad fights in Puebla this weekend. The curious fact is that every single athlete is a debutant. Therefore, we expect each fighter to come out and give it all as this night will decide their future in combat sports.

Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.