UFC Vegas 69: Jessica Andrade vs Erin Blanchfield Press Conference



This UFC press conference was everything but a barnburner. Again, we have a fighter who doesn’t speak English in the main event of the evening – Jessica Andrade.

Plus, the event suffered a big blow, as a very tough Brazilian all-around fighter Taila Santos was out of the bout, and the former 115-pound division queen Andrade accepted to hop in on a seven-day notice to fill in the void. Santos vs Blanchfield would’ve been a great combat and a clash of styles, as Santos is known for one of the greatest takedown defenses, while Blanchfield is a master of chain wrestling and ending fights on the canvas.

Again, a lot of work for the translators. But when you think things are gonna go wrong, it usually ends up nicely. Jessica Andrade vs Erin Blanchfield’s press conference had zero potential, but there were some barbs between the fighters. So you can’t call it a bad one, can you?


The UFC Vegas 69 press conference aired on Wednesday, February 15th, 2022, and it kicked off at 2 PM ET. You can check the highlights and the greatest moments from the UFC fight night Vegas presser on MMAJunkie’s official YouTube channel. Check this link for the whole UFC Vegas 69 press conference.

I am aware that the majority of you are interested in the highlights and greatest moments. If you have no time to watch, please take a look at this playlist below. Let’s see whom was the funniest guy at this UFC fight night presser.


It seems there is no bad blood between the two stars of the main event of the evening. The former 115, now-125-pound fighter Jessica Andrade looks really excited to “face rising 125-pound flyweight, Erin Blanchfield”.

On the other hand, Erin Blanchfield is on a roll with back-to-back dominant victories over some of the top strikers in the division. Blanchfield believes she is on an “even playing field” with the dangerous Brazilian because this is a short-notice fight.


Jordan Wright cruises 20-pound north in his attempt to defeat Zac Pauga in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. Wright is interested in the 195-pound weight class, but still feels he can be the champion at 205.

Zac Pauga believes Jordan Wright’s fighting style will play in his favor. Pauga plans to finish Wright. Let’s remember, Jordan is a toe-to-toe brawler who starts throwing big bombs right off the bat, like Terrance McKinney. This style is very entertaining to watch but wastes a lot of energy, so Pauga’s statement might make sense if the fight advances into the second round.


Josh Parisian is grateful cause he’s still able to fight. Parisian says he really loves his job. His opponent Jamal Pogues is known for his big mouth, but this time he was different. “Not here play gangster, make your money, and go home”, Pogues said frankly.

William Knight is not the one to talk up a fight. “I let my actions do the talking”, Knight said when asked about the potential outcome of the bout. The Polish Karateka Marcin Prachnio is happy because his bout against heavy-handed William Knight is rescheduled, and he’s looking forward to face-to-face.


The fight between the legendary submission specialist and BJJ expert Jim Miller and the dangerous counter-striker and scrapper Alexander Hernandez closes the UFC Vegas 69 preliminary card. While many believe this fight should’ve been on the main card, it seems both Miller and Hernandez didn’t care much about that. The two are ready to participate in a nice match-up.

Alexander Hernandez was having ups and downs recently, and he looked very angry at his previous performances. He’ll be looking for redemption against one of the greatest submission guys in the division.

Jim Miller is the guy who constantly says no to retirement from the UFC. The 155-pound BJJ fighter plans to stay busy and still wants UFC 300 to be his 45th and final fight. Many people believe he’s too old for cage fighting, but I’ve got bad news for you – you’ll have to watch him if you plan to enjoy the UFC in the future!

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