Krylov Vs Spann Streaming: Where To Watch UFC Vegas 70



UFC Vegas 69 looked horrible on paper and lacked in star power, but we saw many high-level bouts and finishes. Erin Blanchfield, the new dark horse of the 125-pound division, defeated the former 115-pound champ Jessica Andrade with a second-round rear-naked choke in the main event of the evening. Marcin Prachnio broke the record for the greatest number of successful leg kicks in a three-round bout. The Polish Karateka hit William Knight 63 times to the legs and won via unanimous decision. But let’s focus on the upcoming UFC Vegas 70 card.

Nikita Krylov vs Ryan Spann is the main event of the evening, and there are many other great bouts. Let’s deep dive into the world of UFC Vegas 70 streaming options.

UFC Vegas 70 Live Stream Options

The price of ESPN’s monthly subscription is 9.99 dollars, while you can buy an annual package for 99.99 bucks. You can watch UFC 70 Vegas, other fight cards, and preliminaries of the numbered pay-per-view events – this is an amazing investment.

The price of the Disney Bundle is 13.99 dollars per month (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+). If you live in the United States of America, this might be the best choice for you, as it lets you watch some other shows too.

Outside Of The USA, What About My UFC Vegas 70 Online Options?

UFC on Fight Pass is the best choice you can make. It costs 11.99 bucks per month, while you should get 114.99 dollars ready for the annual package. Well, 30 bucks are going to stay in your pocket, I’d recommend you a yearly subscription.

UFC on Fight Pass is the greatest fighting library in the world that lets you access every single UFC event in the past. Diehard historians or fans can make a comparison between style vs style match-ups in the 90s and the latest era of the fastest-growing sport in the world, and much more.

You can access Cage Warriors, Ares FC, LFA, Titan FC, CES MMA combats… Do you like to bet? Would you like to research young guns and new blood? Would you like to take a look at some other promotions? Are you interested in wagers? Well, if that’s the case, the UFC on Fight Pass is the best investment to make.

What Channel Is UFC Vegas 70 On?

ESPN+ covers the whole UFC Vegas 70 event. It will get underway at 4 PM ET on Saturday. I do hope your local internet service provider offers this station. There are 13 great fights, this will be a lovely night for every single fan of the UFC.

Are you a Canada-based fan? TSN subscription gets the job done, plus you can enjoy watching other sports too – NHL, NFL, basketball… This sounds like a top-notch offer, yes?

Some local channels could cover the event, depending on your geolocation. Call your local ISP and check it out.

Is There Any UFC Vegas 70 Free Live Stream?

NYFights says no to illegal streams, do not even dare to ask that question regarding UFC Vegas 70. Just pay your UFC on Fight Pass/ESPN+ subscription. Yes, you can afford 10 dollars per month, we don’t believe in your excuses, thanks.

Why Should I Watch UFC Vegas 70?

The main event brings the clash of styles, plus there are many grappler vs striker match-ups. Fans of submission stoppages or knockouts will probably enjoy the upcoming card. Yet, it is also stacked with masters of technical wars – this is a pure all-around UFC fight card.

Preliminary Card

Hailey Cowan and Ailin Perez both have the same score, seven wins, and two losses. This should be a fun all-around match-up. The most eye-catching combat is between the great wrestler Nurullo Aliev and an amazing one-punch wrecking machine Rafael Alves.

Ode Osbourne vs Charles Johnson looks very promising, as Ode starts throwing his nasty Muay Thai strikes as soon as the ref signals the beginning of the match. If you love technical wars, please take a look at Jasmine Jasudavicius vs Gabriella Fernandes on the UFC Vegas 70 card.

You like Krylov to get the W in Vegas? The writer does….

Main Card

The clash of Canadians, Mike Malott, and Yohan Lainesse, will probably be an all-around combat where Malott will try to stay in the top position for three rounds.

Wrestling phenom Tatiana Suarez will try to out-wrestle Montana de la Rosa on the ground at UFC Vegas 70.

Augusto Sakai is a very scrappy fighter, while Don’Tale Mayes is known for big powerful punches. As long as Sakai doesn’t engage with Mayes, he should be fine.

The co-main is very fun, as a BJJ black belt who submitted Jacare Souza meets an all-around fighter. Yes, Muniz rocks on the ground, but he’s also known for a big right hand, this fight could be very entertaining.

Finally, the main event of the evening at UFC Vegas 70 brings a clash of styles. Sambo expert and cardio machine Nikita Krylov, known for fishing for the finish by any means necessary, meets heavy-handed Ryan Spann. If Spann hits you once, it might lead to a knockout, but if the combat advances into round 2, Krylov shouldn’t have a hard time winning. One way or another, this one will likely not go the distance. Please don’t miss this lovely event, it’s finally time to see who's gonna score a stoppage victory in the main event of the evening.

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