Inoue vs Ishida Purse: It is Impossible to Compare the Inoue Brothers



The Inoue brothers will fight one after the other in the big boxing event in Japan on Monday. Which one of the two is going to make more money? Here is everything we know about the Inoue vs Ishida purse.

Inoue vs Ishida Purse: Takuma Is Finally Going To Get Paid Well

Contrary to popular belief, boxing is not a very rewarding sport if you are fighting in the lighter weight classes. Unless you reach the highest level and fight for world titles, you are unlikely to retire with a fat bank account.

Bantamweights, in particular, rarely make millions from their fights. And this has never happened to either of the two fighters in this bout. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and this Monday could be the day when this changes for both men.

We already discussed the latest rumors that Naoya Inoue is set to earn a record-breaking purse for his fight. We will have to wait a while until the official numbers get revealed but assuming that there is some truth behind the reports, then Takuma is surely going to get his highest payday too.

After all, he is Naoya's brother and they both share the same management team. We expect the Inoue vs Ishida purse to be higher than usual.

Going back a few months, we discussed the purses for Takuma's previous fight against Jerwin Anjacas. How much do you think he earned from that fight?

Interestingly, we nailed our prediction at $150,000 as there were reports of this exact figure after the match. We do not know how much he earned in total after the PPV shares but we know that he was entitled to 75% of the cut.

As mentioned above, he has to make more this week. Imagine making $150,000 next to the millions of your bigger brother. There is a good chance that Takuma will make at least $500,000 from this fight, although such an increase is extremely rare.

As for his opponent, Sho Ishida has been around for a while. He made his professional debut in 2009 and has 37 fights on his record (34-3-0). He once fought for the WBA super flyweight world title in 2017 and failed to beat Khalid Yafai.

Since then, he had ups and downs and needed seven years to earn a new title shot. How much will he earn from the Inoue vs Ishida purse?

Despite the considerable experience, Ishida reached that superstar status and is unlikely to make more than $150,000 for this fight. And this prediction is solely based on rumors and the fact that he faces one of the Inoue brothers. We predict a similar 75/25 cut in favor of the champion here, so if we assume that Takuma will make around $500k, then the $150k fits right in.

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