Roach Jr. vs McCrory Purse: Don’t They Deserve More Money?



Lamont Roach Jr. will face Feargal McCrory in one of several world title contests this weekend. The fight is scheduled for Friday night in Washington and will feature Roach's WBA championship on the line. Here is everything we know about the Roach Jr. vs McCrory purse.

Roach Jr. vs McCrory Purse: Career-High Purses for Both?

Lamont Roach is a 28-year-old American boxer who had an outstanding amateur career. In 2013, he won gold medals at the U.S. National Championship and U.S. Junior Championship, after which he started his professional career.

He went on to win 19 of his first 20 fights (he had one draw) in five years and won multiple regional and low-tier belts before earning a shot for the WBO super featherweight title. To date, the defeat against Jamel Herring remains his only setback.

In total, Roach Jr. had 26 fights, in which he was able to win 24 times (9 knockouts). In November 2023, Roach defeated Hector Luis Garcia and won his first world title – the WBA super featherweight championship.

On the other side of the ring is 31-year-old Feargal McCrory. Despite his considerable age, ‘Fearless' has little experience as a professional – he is undefeated with 16 wins and 8 knockouts.

Nevertheless, McCrory recently defeated former title contender Carlos Carlson and is prepared for war. This fight will be a clash of styles with Roach's intelligent and reserved boxing against Feargal's aggressive approach.

Boxing Fighter Pay: Roach Jr. vs McCrory

Time to focus on the Roach Jr. vs McCrory purse after this brief preview of the upcoming action. How much will the fighters earn on Friday?

Neither of the two has had a significant payday until now but this is more or less normal for the lighter weight classes. However, as the new champion, Roach will get a certain raise and will make more money than his opponent.

We can go back to his last fight against Hector Luis Garcia. Back then, Roach Jr. received just 25% of the bid, which is completely normal for a challenger. He was paid $102,500 as a guaranteed purse to fight but we have no information about his final paycheck.

While we rarely find out the exact salaries of fighters ahead of events, there have already been several reports regarding their potential purses on Friday. Lamont Roach Jr. will reportedly receive at least $200,000 from the Roach Jr. vs. McCrory purse.

The more interesting question is how much his opponent will receive. According to reports, McCrory will take at least $100,000 from this fight, meaning he's been offered more than the standard 25% for a contender.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that this information is 100% accurate. Still, these totals are pretty typical for this weight class, which leads us to believe these preliminary reports. Either way, both fighters should be happy with their purses and give us a good fight tomorrow night.

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