UFC 276: Israel Adesanya Vs Jared Cannonier Press Conference Updates



UFC 276: Israel Adesanya Vs Jared Cannonier Press Conference Updates

UFC 276 is closing in, but before fighters cross their gloves, it’s time for some rounds of verbal sparring. There was some high-level back-and-forth at UFC 276 media day, and it can only get better at the official presser. Here is the transcript from the heated exchange between Adesanya and Strickland:

Strickland: “I would say me, but that man was the one who slept that man. Next to me, next to me, probably Alex. What was it? 2-0 against Izzy? What is it 2-0?”

Adesanya: “Did you watch the whole fight?”

Strickland: “No, I don’t watch fights.”

Adesanya: “Exactly, do your f*cking job next time.”

Strickland: “Oh, man. I made the champion mad with his f*cking frosted tips and his gay little watch. Oh no. I’m just joking. Izzy is a savage, bro. No doubt.”

Adesanya: “What happened before I walked on stage? I smacked you on the ass like my b*tch.”

Strickland: “Bro, your Pornhub is just filled with cartoons, bro. No man that beats off to cartoons is going to beat me. Calm down. Calm down.”

Adesanya: “I’ll tell you what. When you win this fight and when we fight, I’ll knock you out and do a TikTok dance over your grave.”

Strickland: “Oh, f*ck it. Look at this grown-ass man on f*cking TikTok. Maybe that’s the problem, bro. This guy is the champion. Bro, any day. Bro, I will walk outside with you right now. Right now. You want my number. Come on.”

Adesanya: “Do something about it, then. … I smacked you on your ass and what the f*ck did you do?”

Strickland: “Listen, bro. You’re going to break a f*cking nail. Calm down. Calm down.”

Adesanya: “I’ll break your f*cking face. I’ll break my nail on your face.”

Strickland: “Alex, get this man. Get this man.”

Adesanya: “You better focus on your guy. Otherwise, he’s going to f*ck you up, too.”

Strickland: “Not the way he slept your ass. Nah, but, no, no. Izzy is a solid guy. He’s a good guy. I don’t judge his cartoon porn addiction. I’m not going to be that guy.”

Adesanya: “It’s hentai. Get used to it. It’s hentai.”

Strickland: “It’s called hentai. I’m a grown-ass man. Calm down. I’m not watching cartoons.”

Adesanya: “I like him like the stepbrother I never wanted. Guess what? Focus on this guy. He’s a tough opponent. You focus on him as well.”

Strickland: “Hey, Izzy. Why don’t you tell me what not to do. Tell me what not to do, Izzy. What shouldn’t I do, take a f*cking nap?”

UFC 276 Media Day Highlights

You can take a look at the best moments in the playlist below.

Furious about roid charges, Adesanya offered 3 million bucks to everybody who proves he’s on steroids. Cannonier plans to bring “a different level” to the Israel Adesanya title fight.

Volkanovski hopes to KO Max Holloway and plans to move ten pounds up, while Holloway says “the winner of the legacy fight with Volk is not the 145-pound GOAT”.

Sean Strickland mocked Perreira’s striking, as expected, with the famous “it s*cks” syntax. Yet, Perreira didn’t pay much attention to it. He focuses on Israel Adesanya, claiming the next win could unlock him a title fight.

Two vets and legends, Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller were focused on making history.  Sean O’Malley announces the KO win of Munhoz, and adds “people want to see me as a champion”. Munhoz praised Sean and called him legit, but hinted at a potential knockout victory.

Dricus du Plessis said “UFC did not give him any favor with Brad Tavares fight”, while Tavares was more focused on giving Cannonier a piece of advice for Adesanya’s fight.

Brad Riddell predicted a perfect night for his “City Kickboxing” MMA dojo, while Jalin Turner saw his bout with Riddell as “a breakthrough moment”.

Bryan Barbarena sees Robbie Lawler as a “dream fight”, while Lawler’s reaction to bumping to the main card after scrapping Lauren Murphy Vs Miesha Tate was a bit unusual.

Confident Ian Garry says “nobody’s gonna stop his undefeated run”, while Gabe Green called the Irishman “a little big-headed”.

Where To Watch UFC 276 Press Conference?

There are two ways to enjoy UFC 276 press conference – UFC’s official YouTube channel or UFC’s official Facebook page.

It will get underway at 6 PM ET on Thursday, which equates to midnight CET.

Potential Beef Alert

Two trash-talkers willll probably catch a lot of attention at the Israel Adesanya Vs Jared Cannonier press conference.

The first guy is, of course, Israel Adesanya, known for his epic ideas and trolling. His epic meme war with Robert Whittaker was so funny in the past, considering that Whittaker is a pretty much nice guy.

The second person is controversial Sean Strickland. A very underestimated trash-talker meets Alex Perreira, but let us ask you a question. Have you ever heard of a fighter who got both his Twitter and Instagram accounts banned for controversial posts?

Sean Strickland And Israel Adesanya Took Part In A Heated Presser Word Exchange

Sean Strickland fights Alex Perreira, while Israel Adesanya puts his title at stake against Jared Cannonier. Yet, Adesanya took part in a heated war exchange with Perreira's opponent – controversial Sean Strickland.

For Israel Adesanya, only two matches existed at 185-pound weight class – Adesanya Vs Cannonier and Adesanya Vs Perreira. But ignoring Sean Strickland was not a smart idea. As expected, Strickland couldn't keep his mouth shut. He kindly reminded the reigning defending middleweight champion of the third man in the same weight class with the sentence “who is the best striker in the division”. Then  Adesanya turned around and started the argument. After a barrage of insults and threats, things settled down.

Take a look how it looked like in the video below.


This event is going to be fireworks on Saturday, but did Sean and Izzy have to go that far and argue over hentai?