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UFC Fight Night 235 Results: Imavov Wants Sean Strickland Next



The first UFC event from the February schedule is behind us and while it had its moments, you are unlikely to see it on any “Top” lists at the end of the year. Here are all the UFC Fight Night 235 results.

UFC Fight Night 235 Results: Main Card, Fight by Fight

Welterweight: Gilbert Urbina vs Charles Radtke – Radtke won via TKO (4:47, Round 1)

Gilbert Urbina entered this contest as a massive betting favorite hugely because of his age advantage and the bookmakers were very wrong here. We expected a bit more from him at the start of the contest but he chose to work as the 2nd number and Radtke was on the offense.

Round 1 was mostly uneventful and the first significant moment was the illegal strike that Radtke landed, which led to an official time-out less than 45 seconds before the end of the round. Once the action began again, Radtke landed a beautiful left hook that put Urbina on his knees and he barely managed to survive. It took less than 15 seconds for Radtke to land a devastating 1-2 that put Urbina to sleep (almost). The referee intervened and stopped the contest before more damage was inflicted.

Middleweight: Aliaskhab Khirziev vs Makhmud Muradov – No Contest

We continue our UFC Fight Night 235 results with a fight that definitely stood out tonight. Unfortunately, not because of the incredible fighting presentation but because it ended before it began. Aliaskhab Khirziev entered this contest as a massive betting favorite as the undefeated fighter on the rise. Sadly, it took less than ten seconds for him to inflict a terrible accidental eye poke that led to medical assistance. Muradov was unable to open his left eye for minutes and Herb Dean had to stop this contest from continuing. It was declared an NC and we will probably see this fight get rescheduled for an event in the next couple of months.

Women's Flyweight: Viviane Araujo vs Natalia Silva – Silva won via Unanimous Decision

Natalia Silva was one of the biggest betting favorites on that card despite the lack of experience at this high level. Silva has a very fun style to watch – she doesn't spend a second in one place, is always on the move with constant head movements, and is very explosive with her attacks.

Unfortunately, she did not have a lot of time to act in the first round as Araujo shot for a takedown and while it was not exactly successful, she pinched Silva to the net and got control of her back. Silva was forced to defend herself in a clinch for almost an entire round. It should definitely be given to Araujo, although she did little to no damage in 3-4 minutes. Silva finally managed to escape with 30 seconds remaining and tried to land some shots without much success.

Round 2 was more entertaining and action-packed. Both fighters tried to land heavy punches and Silva almost put Araujo to sleep during one of their reckless exchanges. Despite the several minutes of control in R1, Silva already had four times the significant strikes around the middle of the second round. She was clearly too fast for Araujo and we saw a new takedown attempt which resulted in a clinch. At one point, even the referee got bored from the lack of action and ordered the fighters back to the middle of the octagon.

The scenario of the final segment wasn't much different. Silva was on the move, landing punches and kicks while Araujo was chasing her around the octagon and rarely getting close enough to inflict damage. Around 2 minutes in, she attempted a takedown again and Silva ended up being pushed to the net again. Her takedown defense was on point tonight. The two finished the fight trying to outbox each other but neither of them landed a sleeper. Silva definitely won that fight on our scorecards. She has a bright future in the UFC.

Welterweight: Randy Brown vs Muslim Salikhov – Brown won via TKO (3:17, Round 1)

We continue our UFC Fight Night 235 results with another quick bout. Randy Brown entered this contest as a huge favorite and it was obvious why. Salikhov is nearly 40 years old and while he is a skilled athlete, he never truly made it to the top as people once expected. Overall, we wanted to see more action from these two experienced fighters.

Unfortunately, we saw yet another eye poke after Brown literally put his fingers in both of Salikhov's eyes. Luckily, the action was restarted moments later and Brown took the lead. He was connecting shots and scoring points until he landed a devastating punch that instantly took Salikhov out.

Brown knew that the fight was over and did not even try to land follow-up shots until he saw that the referee was still not sure if he had to stop the contest. Give Brown a tougher fight, he deserves it.

Lightweight: Renato Moicano vs Drew Dober – Moicano won via Unanimous Decision

Drew Dober entered this contest as a massive betting underdog but definitely the fan favorite. He has never had a boring fight. He started the fight on the front foot, trying to land heavy strikes but sadly found himself on the ground after Moicano shot for a takedown. The two spent almost four minutes scrambling on the ground and Moicano managed to inflict some damage during his ground control time.

Moicano clearly had no plans to try to outstrike his powerful opponent and got a takedown immediately after Round 2 began. Dober found his way back up but was transferred once more. What followed was a lot of ground and pound and countless attempts from Moicano to change positions and set up a submission attempt.

Shockingly, Dober somehow managed to get back to his feet and even take Moicano down. This is where the octagon beneath them became a bloody mess. Dober ripped Moicano's head open but the cameras made it difficult to understand if it happened after one of his heavy punches or through a clash of their heads.

Round 3 was proactive and Dober landed some serious punches before finding himself on his back again in the middle of the segment. The referee was quite impatient and was asking for “more work” throughout the entire round, even though Moicano was already trying to hurt Dober with ground and pound. Unfortunately, Drew had the opportunity to win the fight after the damage he inflicted in Round 2 but failed.

Middleweight: Roman Dolidze vs Nassourdine Imavov – Imavov won via Majority Decision

We complete the UFC Fight Night 235 results with the main event bout between Dolidze and Imavov. Bookmakers expected Imavov to win and to do it within the first three rounds. After seeing a couple of minutes of clinching at the start, an early finish definitely felt impossible. And then Imavov connected a brutal punch out of nowhere that put Dolidze on his knees. Imavov probably landed 30 punches in a row after that but Herb Dean made a good call not stopping the contest. It was about to end when Imavov caught Dolidze in an armbar but the bell saved him. A few more seconds and he would have tapped. We definitely scored this round 10-8 to Imavov on our scorecards.

Round 2 was rather underwhelming after the action in the opening segment. Dolidze opted for the clinch again and spent most of the round pushing Imavov against the net but without much else going on. Herb Dean ordered them back to the center and within seconds, Imavov landed a couple of nasty shots that Dolidze definitely felt. End of Round 2.

Imavov's corner tasked him with using his “freaking jab” and the Russian landed a few of those mixed with front kicks at the start of the third round. Dolidze clearly had no answer to Imavov's speed and power and pushed forward for a clinch again. Imavov was in full control – calm, collected, and landing massive single shots. Imavov was simply connecting every shot. At the end of Round 3, he had landed 107 significant strikes, or about four times more than Dolidze (30).

Of course, we had to see one more illegal strike before the end of the night and Imavov landed an illegal kick while Dolidze had his hand on the floor. We have to applaud Dolidze for agreeing to continue the fight as some other fighters (Sean O'Malley) would have given us their best acting performance just to get the win via DQ. Herb Dean took one point from Imavov and the fight continued.

Did we say that this fight would not end with a quick KO/Submission? We called out the bookmakers for their mistakes in the odds. Imavov is a monster but Dolidze's endurance is unbelievable. Round 5 was very competitive and Dolidze made several attempts to lock Imavov. Props to him for trying until the end but Imavov was clearly the better fighter tonight.

UFC Fight Night 235 Full Card Results

Main Card:

• Middleweight: Roman Dolidze vs Nassourdine Imavov – Imavov won via Majority Decision
• Lightweight: Renato Moicano vs Drew Dober – Moicano won via Unanimous Decision
• Welterweight: Randy Brown vs Muslim Salikhov – Brown won via TKO (3:17, Round 1)
• Women's Flyweight: Viviane Araujo vs Natalia Silva – Silva won via Unanimous Decision
• Middleweight: Aliaskhab Khirziev vs Makhmud Muradov – No Contest (eye poke)
• Welterweight: Gilbert Urbina vs Charles Radtke – Radtke won via TKO (4:47, Round 1)


• Women's Strawweight: Molly McCann vs Diana Belbita – McCann won via Submission (armbar, 4:59, Round 1)
• Flyweight: Azat Maksum vs Charles Johnson – Johnson won via Unanimous Decision
• Welterweight: Themba Gorimbo vs Pete Rodriguez – Gorimbo won via TKO (0:32, Round 1)
• Featherweight: Jeongyeong Lee vs Blake Bilder – Lee won via Unanimous Decision
• Women's Flyweight: Luana Carolina vs Julija Stoliarenko – Carolina won via TKO (4:52, Round 3)
• Lightweight: Landon Quinones vs Marquel Mederos – Mederos won via Unanimous Decision
• Heavyweight: Thomas Petersen vs Jamal Pogues – Pogues won via Unanimous Decision

These are the official UFC Fight Night 235 results. For us, the culmination of the event was Renato Moicano's post-fight interview. Daniel Cormier was given no chance to talk as Moicano gave one of the wildest monologues in UFC history. He said that his 62-year-old fighter just had a baby yesterday and he will go home tomorrow and also “get his wife pregnant”. He also said that loves America and will be an American in a couple of years and wants to undergo SWAT training and fight criminals after he retires from MMA. What a guy! By the way, the event was not bad overall too. Go and watch it back if you missed it.

Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.