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Dariush vs Tsarukyan Prediction: This Will Be a War



Beneil Dariush will have to prove himself worthy of a title shot against one of the toughest prospects in the lightweight division. Will he beat Arman Tsarukyan or will he fail again? Here is our Dariush vs Tsarukyan prediction.

UFC Austin: Dariush vs Tsarukyan Prediction

Beneil Dariush Preview

Beneil did not live up to his status as a favorite in the fight with Charles Oliveira and now emerges as a well-deserved underdog. Nevertheless, he is the #4 ranked fighter in the division and has 22 wins in 28 matches.

Dariush is a diverse fighter. He never stops launching heavy left kicks on all levels. He loves throwing a series of light jabs coupled with a power combo – jab plus cross. He is not afraid to escalate and risk it all in long exchanges. His only problem is the movement. Dariush blocks himself from punches and tries to dodge, but moves very little, which is why he misses a lot of strikes.

He usually attempts a 2 leg transfer after a successful boxing combination. As a rule, the opponent should already be pinched at the net and begins to defend but Beneil has enough strength to successfully complete the transfer to the ground. He also performs takedowns through a single-leg grab and, on occasion, immediately takes the back. If you, in turn, transfer Beneil to the canvas, he will constantly try to catch you with low locks, heel twists, and kimuras.

Beneil and Arman faced a common opponent – Mateusz Gamrot. The Polish fighter managed to translate Dariush more often than Tsarukyan, but otherwise, the American showed himself slightly better than Arman. Beneil was dangerous on the ground, and in the standing position, he managed to knock down Mateus. As a result, Dariush won against Gamrot, and Tsarukyan lost to him. How the American will perform over a distance of 5 rounds is unclear, but if he maintains his power, then he has a chance of finding the knockout in the championship rounds when Arman gets a little tired.

Arman Tsarukyan Preview

Arman is a former MFP Lightweight champion and a three-time Russian champion in grappling. He has 20 wins in 23 professional bouts.

Arman works well with his left hand, burns his opponent with jabs, invests in power punches, and can explode at any moment with a lethal one-two. He perfectly combines punches with kicks, often hits a hook with a body kick or a straight with a low kick.

Before taking his opponent to the ground, Tsarukyan gets close and tears him down with kicks. When the opponent believes he can reach Arman and throws a punch, Tsarukyan immediately shoots for the legs. Tsarukyan can also perform a takedown through a backbend throw or simply lift the opponent off the ground by grabbing him under one leg.

On the canvas, the fighter can do everything, but mostly uses hard finishing moves, if possible controlling the opponent with his legs. So far, Arman has never won by submission in the UFC and it is unlikely that the experienced grappler Dariush will fall to a submission. Scoring Beneil on the ground is also not easy, but Tsarukyan would be able to control him and score points. Arman also has an advantage in striking, because he is more diverse and more agile than the American.

Beneil Dariush vs Arman Tsarukyan Prediction: Dariush Will Fall Again

Arman will have the speed advantage, which will allow him to score takedowns before his opponent. In a confrontation at the net, Tsarukyan’s quickness will allow him to be the first to take the back or knock over Dariush. On the ground, Beneil will be a little better but is unlikely to be able to find a submission at the beginning of the fight. And you shouldn’t expect obvious dominance on the canvas from any of our fighters.

In a standing position, Arman should be able to deliver more significant strikes. He is able to confuse the enemy with maneuvers and constant changes of distance. At long range, Beneil will use his powerful front and side kicks, so that if Tsarukyan is not careful, he will be knocked out. At the same time, Arman has the opportunity to pin down Dariush with constant leg kicks and hit his favorite one-two.

We have a clear idea for our Dariush vs Tsarukyan prediction and we are 100{7977e81067aa52767c5a045b6a52bbfc36ac9a3ee7fc87b6a1495c50622a5d53} putting our money on Tsarukyan here.

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