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CaneloMania took over NYC this weekend, and for me, the red-head Won the Weekend, with his demolition job on Rocky Fielding at Madison Square Garden’s big room.

Now, not everyone agrees with me…Onsite, the Mexican conjured up a solid jolt of electricity at The Mecca. His body shots were sublime, throwbacks to Julio Cesar Chavez Sr style organ rattlers.

But those watching on DAZN, many were not as impressed, because to them it looked like Fielding was hapless and hopeless. This was a severe mismatch, to them. So, NYF Squad, what say you…were you moved like I was, and when asked Who Won the Weekend, will you pick Canelo?

Or naw?

“Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring won the weekend,” Abe Gonzalez said. “He looked very impressive on Friday winning every round while scoring a pair of knockdowns. He has found a home within the 130 pound division and 2019 looks to be the year that he gets a world title shot. Herring versus Ito anyone? Sign me up for that one as I am very interested in seeing that fight.You can follow me on twitter @abeg718.”

Katie Taylor won the weekend,” said John Gatling. “She was involved in the most competitive match-up of the weekend, defending her WBA/IBF lightweight belts over the previously unbeaten Eva Wahlstrom and won every second of every round. Ireland’s future icon beat an opponent better than anyone Amanda Serrano has ever faced and called her out on an app where millions were tuned in around the world. The fact that Amanda responded sealed the deal in my opinion.”

Canelo Alvarez won the weekend! Alvarez is an elite pound-for-pound superstar,” said Kelsey McCarson. “He might just be the best fighter in boxing. He completely destroyed Fielding. This was the kind of performance shows what an awesome deal it is for fans to get to see Alvarez on DAZN rather than having to buy PPVs. I can’t wait to see the rest of his career on boxing’s new global flagship as part of my regular subscription fee.”

“I’ll go with Tevin Farmer who has had a pretty unique career,” said David Phillips. “Farmer was TKO’d in his first professional fight. After 12 fights, his record stood at a nondescript 7-4-1. Twice he went out inside the distance. The last time in October of 2012 against Jose Pedraza. You know what he hasn’t done since then? Lost a single fight. That’s 21 scraps in a row he has come out on top. This despite the fact that he has the softest hands this side of Cory Spinks. The IBF Super Featherweight Champion is now 4-0 in title fights after dispatching Francisco Fonseca by UD Saturday night. Tevin Farmer has made the most of himself. I’m sure we’d all like to one day say the same of ourselves.”

Jamel Herring won the weekend,” said Colin Morrison. “The US Marine has enjoyed a stellar 2018 and rounded off his year by handling tough Brazilian Adeilson Dos Santos with aplomb in Texas on Friday night. Jamel had his foe down twice in the early stages as he dominated every aspect of the fight. Herring’s decision to shake things up in his camp and in a promotional sense looks to be paying off and a world title shot at super-featherweight looks to be on the horizon for the first half of 2019. Semper Fi. To learn some more about Jamel check out this interview I did with him at the tail end of 2017.

“With any luck, fans will have won the weekend in the long run,” said Tom Penney. “Outside of ESPN’s main event on Friday, fans were subjected to a series of progressively disquieting mismatches that culminated in Canelo Alvarez clubbing a disinterested and happy-to-be-there Rocky Fielding into smiling submission. Hopefully enough of a fuss will be made – or the subscriptions will sufficiently suffer – that Top Rank and the Golden Boy/Matchroom partnership at least make an effort to put some interesting action on their cards. I can’t imagine I’m alone in my boredom with these useless showcases. We already know Canelo can beat an uninvolved regional champion like Fielding, let’s make a goddamn fight. Follow @thepeoplestom for more curmudgeony takes.”

Jamel Herring with that body attack and inching closer to a title shot,” said Johnny Wilds.

Rocky Fielding won the weekend for me from a business perspective,” said Chris Glover. “Why, you ask? He just lived every kid’s dream by boxing one of the pound for pound best in the business at the Mecca of Boxing and inspiring young kids who come from nothing that you can make something of yourself. Rocky won the same belt that Carl Froch beat Mikkel Kessler for and defended it against a superstar in Saul Alvarez. I don’t remember anyone saying Carl Froch held a minor title when he defended it against George Groves? Fielding also reportedly pocketed a very big 7 figure purse for his efforts on Saturday night and will easily be able to come back from that defeat in the U.K. So from a business perspective, Fielding won the weekend for me.  From a fighting perspective, Katie Taylor won the weekend for me. She’s really doing a great job at marketing women’s boxing and giving value for money everytime she gets in the ring. She’s pure excitement and a great advert for boxing as a whole. Saturday night she once again showed why she will arguably go down as the best women’s boxer of all time. For more news and views feel free to follow @ChrisGlover28 on Twitter and The Trinity Group UK on Facebook and Instagram.”

“I’d say the New York fans won the weekend,” said Hamza Ahmed. “It’s not everyday a megastar like Canelo comes to town to put on a show, an occurrence made all the more rare given previous megastars Mayweather and Pacquiao pretty much lived in the MGM Grand. That said, the NYC fans got a treat of all varieties – the good (Canelo looking sensational, Kingry v Rodriguez), the bad (Herrera V Ali, Farmer V Fonseca) and the ugly (Fielding being sent as a lamb to be slaughtered). Canelo looked sensational but we don’t know how much of that is actually down to his capabilities at 168 or whether Fielding was that bad. That said, completely agree with Thomas in that if these are the kinds of fights which we’re going to be served on DAZN, given Canelo is guaranteed his moolah anyway, then that will be atrocious. He’s too good for guys like Fielding. Let’s get some fresh blood who can test him (eyes on you Jacobs and Andrade) and make that guarantee worthwhile Also Chris raises a valid point. Are we going to start recognising the WBA regular as a genuine title? I’m worldwide on Twitter @HamzaA305 but hopefully not as late there as I am to these WWTW parties. Oh and shout out to Woodsy for sticking with the CaneloMania phrase!)

Readers, you tell us…who gets YOUR VOTE for Who Won the Weekend?

Editor/publisher Michael Woods became addicted to boxing in 1990, when Buster Douglas shocked the world with his demolition of the fearsome Mike Tyson. The Brooklyn-based journalist Woods has covered the sport since then, for ESPN The Magazine,, ESPN New York, RING, and he was editor of from 2007-2015. Woods is also an accomplished blow by blow and color man, having done work for Top Rank, DiBella Entertainment, EPIX, and numerous other organizations.