The Most Avoided Fighters In Boxing Today



The Most Avoided Fighters In Boxing Today
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Tier 2: The Guys Boxing Seemingly Punishes

Jonnie Rice

Info: Boxing sucks at times. Jonnie Rice beat the house fighter in Michael Coffie twice, and instead of being rewarded with huge financial paydays, he felt the burden of the “wrong guy won” treatment. Out of the ring for over a year until getting a stoppage victory over Guido Vianello, Rice has won three straight b-side fights and should get a fight that allows him to put a downpayment on a house.

Dream Fight For 2023: Tony Yoka, rematch.

Kenny Sims Jr

Info: Not unlike Jonnie Rice, Kenny Sims Jr., outboxed Elvis Rodriguez who was in the running to be a prospect of the year in 2021. The reward? Fighting off-television on undercards we can’t even find a stream of. Sims Jr has been calling out Arnold Barboza Jr., but Barboza is looking for the big names that haven’t given him shot, and now Sims Jr. has to just sit and wait. Guys like Kenny Sims Jr deserve more from boxing, they really do. He had a huge win, and now he is just fighting on random undercards….

Dream Fight For 2023: Regis Prograis, an old-school fight.

Shinard Bunch

Info: Bunch is on a hefty winning streak and got a “draw” on paper, but most fight fans regard his fight against top prospect at the time Janelson Figueroa Bocachica as a massive win, as he outboxed a big puncher. Bunch hasn’t lost since 2019 when he fell short in a close fight against 2016 Olympian Paul Kroll. Since that loss, Bunch has fought 19 times since that loss making him one of the most active modern fighters.

Dream Fight For 2023: Teofimo Lopez, a great bout for both.

Marquis Taylor

Info: The king of winning on the b-side. Taylor has six wins or draws against a-side fighters and his last one on ShoBox was a good one against Marlon Harrington, a well-regarded prospect. Taylor is a tough outing for and-and-all, and I hope he lands a big fight as he has fought a harder schedule of fights than some modern world champions.

Dream Fight For 2023: Jesus Ramos Jr., the type of fight both guys need at this point.

Martin Bakole

Info: After losing to Michael Hunter, many lost faith in Bakole, but not his trainer Billy Nelson. Bakole to me is what most people see Dillian Whyte as, a tough, physical heavyweight with a good punch and high-motor. Bakole is in my mind a solid top-ten heavyweight and tough fight for most.

Dream Fight For 2023: Efe Ajagba, such a good stylistic match-up.

Otto Wallin

Info: After fighting Tyson Fury close, Wallin has struggled to get a fight. He had one with Dillian Whyte, and then Whyte pulled out of the bout just to get the Tyson Fury fight last year. Wallin is a very good heavyweight who is not being talked about all that much, but should be afforded more chances to compete against his equals. I mean, the man nearly had Tyson Fury beat, as he opened up a cut over Fury’s eye that nearly had the fight waived off.

Dream Fight For 2023: Jared Anderson, prospect vs. contender, and good enough to headline a card.

Jesse Hart

Info: After leaving Top Rank Inc., Hart has been featured on Rodney Rice’s RDR Promotions cards in the Philly area. Hart has not been all that active and one has to think if he might occupy the worst spot to be in the sport, too good for a promoter to offer him a chance against a prospect as that seemingly is the spot he occupies, but has failed at winning a world title twice. I hope to see Hart back in the ring, but I am not sure we ever will.

Dream Fight For 2023: Edgar Berlanga, the sink-or-swim fight for Berlanga.

Brandon Adams

Info: Adams is a hard puncher and high-motor guy from the L.A. area, who stopped Serhii Bohachuk on one of the last Ring City USA boxing cards I ever watched or cared about. That will more than likely be Adams’ swan-song as Adams seemingly will go into the sunset. Bohachuk has fought since and Adams hasn’t—if that doesn’t sum up boxing, then I don’t know what does.

Dream Fight For 2023: Just to see him fight again.

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