Terri “The Boss” Moss Brings Pro Boxing to the Buckhead Fight Club in Atlanta



Terri “The Boss” Moss Brings Pro Boxing to the Buckhead Fight Club in Atlanta


When former world champion and Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame member Terri Moss opened the Buckhead Fight Club in Atlanta in 2013, she had sizable ambitions.

First and foremost, she wanted to attract prospective fighters, both male and female. She envisioned expanding into MMA, self-defense, and fitness. She also wanted to promote shows in and out of her gym.

All these boxes have been checked. Terri has pulled in boxers both XX and XY. She trains both men and women with no care for the typical sexism (outside of Ann Wolfe, maybe) often applied to women training men. Her gym now offers Krav Maga, Kali, and basic self-defense programs as well as boxing.

In 2010, Terri established one of the most successful amateur boxing promotions in the Peach State. Dubbed “Corporate Fight Night” (CFN), the event allows local professionals from all walks of life to get in the ring and compete against one another.

The event has been such a success that Terri is now on her 13th iteration to be held later this year. And it’s no longer just boxing. MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing are now included as well.

With the continuing success of CFN, there was only one place left for Terri to go. Pro. Which she will do for the first time on July 1st. The “Underground Showdown” will take place on the basement level of her 15,000-square foot Buckhead Fight Club, where the Georgia Golden Gloves competition was held earlier this year. It promises to be a raucous affair. The card will be a mixture of professionals and amateurs, both male and female, with two corporate fights thrown in.

Professional boxing on a state level in Georgia is not terribly advanced despite no dearth of talent and general interest. Terri aims to change that. Taking what she learned from the marketing and promotion of CFN and applying those lessons to her first professional tilt, Terri feels well set for July 1st. Aside from general advertising and exposure, she is focused on putting on a good show. Which means well-matched fights and no lack of flair in the production of the event.

The amateur boxing scene in Georgia is healthy in terms of fighters, but less so when it comes to promoters willing to put on an entertaining show. There are five fighters making their pro debut on the Underground Showdown, and Terri has been careful not to match them softly, even with her own fighters on the bill. In one case, a fighter from her gym is making his pro debut against an opponent with 40-plus fights on his record and who hasn’t been stopped in years.

On the production side, Terri aims to put on a first-class show. With quality scripts, a pre-fight presser, and notables like Kelly Pavlik (who will be calling the fight live on YouTube), and Christy Martin in attendance.

Atlanta presents a great opportunity for Terri. Her gym is first class. (As Terri put it, “I love Floyd Mayweather’s gym, but mine’s bigger and it’s got more stuff.”) And the opportunity to promote and grow the sport in and around the city is there for her to take full advantage of. She sees no reason why Atlanta’s scene can’t be at least as healthy as Cincinnati’s has become since Adrien Broner and Rau’ Shee Warren have rose to prominence out of the Queen City.

Terri plans to hold a second pro card in October and will be taking her Corporate Fight Night international later this year with a trip to Mexico where CFN is huge. On the pro side, she hopes to build up local fighters and the scene itself with the idea of drawing TV coverage.  Club fights are only a starting point where Terri is concerned. She wants Buckhead to be known as the “Kronk of the south.”

Terri came to boxing late after a career in law enforcement. She became a champion in the ring, a trainer outside of it. She never thought of herself as a business person, but she has promoted large events while managing the day to day logistics of a large and still relatively new gym. It’s not easy, this boxing life. Terri’s been told many a time by those around the sport that “boxing will break you.” Terri’s response to this line of thinking is “if boxing broke you, you were probably already a little bit broken.” Terri Moss is not broken. She has made her way on a less than easy path. Her positivity is remarkable. You can’t possibly feel anything but better about the sport of boxing and life itself after speaking with her.

Nah, Terri Moss isn’t broken. She’s just getting warmed up. New heat is coming to Atlanta on July 1st at the Buckhead Fight Club. Undergound, but on the level and above board. If you are in the area, you won’t want to miss it.

Learn more about the Buckhead Fight Club by visiting online at and follow Terri on Twitter @tmosstheboss