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The Star Wars [Vol. IV]: ‘Cripple’ G …Gunner Gatling Examines Golovkin v Canelo



Julio Cesar Chavez V Meldrick Taylor I. Salvador Sanchez V Wilfredo Gomez. Juan Manuel Marquez V Manny Pacquiao IV. Legendary encounters that will live in Mexican lore.

For Saul Canelo Alvarez, his coming battle with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin on September 16 @T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will eclipse them all. Violently.

“It can easily be considered one of the best fights in history. The fans know. He knows. We both have the power to win by KO.”


He sounded as if he’s gonna knock the “P” from piss out of Golovkin on Sept.16, as a mega-confident Canelo briefed the media during an international conference call on Tuesday.

Their styles are either divine wine and cheese for the très sophistiqué, or belly rubbing wings and beer for the ham n’ egger. For all groups in between, if GGG and Canelo aren’t as made for each other as peanut butter and jelly, then Donald Trump is delivering “Fake News” to North Korea.

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Whereas Floyd Mayweather V Manny Pacquiao should’ve been, no one will be talking about what Alvarez and Golovkin could’ve been. Theirs is a ring defined by the lofty office space overlooking the world with room for just one. Neither man is the type to merely spar over who gets to stay.

These two would never appear on “Dancing With The Stars” or be caught singing badly with a smile on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

If Canelo’s tone and body language over the phone translates into his actual approach to Golovkin when the bell rings, then he will attempt to turn the 3rd dimensional G into a fully exposed and crippled “OG”, with an offensive explosion we’ve never seen before. But can he do this?

I reached across the pond to Scotland and fellow NY Fights scribe Colin Morrison for his take on how Canelo can beat Golovkin.

If Canelo wins.

Canelo has improved fight by fight and while he hasn’t faced anyone like GGG now is the time to show he is ready. We won’t know for sure until the bout starts but this version of Canelo looks well equipped to handle the threat of GGG. Subtle adjustments to his footwork (which I noticed during his last fight) will help him neutralise much of GGG’s threat. If he is working tirelessly at slipping the jab and catching and shooting then he could end up using Golovkin’s best offensive weapon against him.

To attack GGG, Canelo will need to be patient and then look to strike when opportunities arise. A policy of targeting the body could be beneficial. If Canelo can execute on offense while reducing the jab of GGG to a range finder he may well win on the cards.

Overall the main question is can Canelo take the power of GGG? Due to the earlier mentioned adjustments he has made I think he can and this would allow him to survive and snatch a SD on the scorecards.


Of course, the caveat there lies in the fact that he defeated a bootleg version of ‘Triple G’ in Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in May, while Golovkin’s mettle was severely tested by the best version of Daniel Jacobs, the world’s 2nd best middleweight, to ever exist.

I can’t imagine a fighter being better prepared for Golovkin than Jacobs was on March 18 at Madison Square Garden (which included assistance from Andre Ward). What Canelo will ultimately announce to the world, if successful, is that he’s:

A.) A better and stronger fighter than Jacobs. One willing to take more risk.

B.) A fighter now completely in his prime and a full fledged middleweight.

Canelo is very underrated defensively and can combination strike with authority beyond Kell Brook, and with more assertiveness and variety than Jacobs. He’s not exactly appreciated for subtle boxing technique- but does have it.

While I don’t believe he has the power to KO Golovkin, I do believe he can out work him in a rather brutal way and possibly steal a decision. Alvarez has yet to show championship round KO power, and it would be a sterling achievement to defeat a “perceived” past his peak Golovkin in style.

But that’s not always reality.


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