Roy Jones Jr Fights TONIGHT in Official Celebrity Boxing Main Event



Roy Jones Jr Fights TONIGHT in Official Celebrity Boxing Main Event

Roy Jones Jr. is, yes, a bit past his physical prime, at 54 years old. The fighting pride of Pensacola, Florida is soldiering on, however, and will glove up tonight. Jones is to meet bodybuilder NDO Champ in the Official Celebrity Boxing main event, in Miami, Florida.

RJJ, top man pound for pound at his apex, debuted as a pro in 1989.

He amassed a record of 66-10, grabbing titles from 160 up to heavyweight.

Roy Jones Jr-NDO Champ Fight The Brain-Child Of Damon Feldman

Boxing is in his blood, to put it mildly, and so he continues to lace on the mitts and do what he's done best.

Roy Jones Jr fights NDO CHAMP on June 30, 2023

NDO and his muscles, will they help him versus the living legend Roy Jones Jr?

Some might have missed it, the 54 year old Roy Jones Jr actually entered a ring back in April. He met MMAer Anthony Pettis, losing a majority decision over eight rounds.

This dude NDO Champ aka Robert Wilmote, age 39, are billed to be fighting in the Metaverse.”People are going to see something they've never seen before,” event organizer Damon Feldman told TMZ. He said they will do a real fight, but with “video capture” elements to add flavor. It's gonna take Celebrity Boxing to another world.”

Feldman, like his brother David, who runs the BKFC bare-knuckle organization, which has grown immensely in the last four years, is a grinder.

Damon Feldman Embraces Controversial Personalities, Gets Them To Fight Each Other

For 20 years, he's done variations on this theme–maybe you recall that time Jose Canseco sent his twin brother Ozzie to fight in his place? That was 2011, and Damon Feldman ran that show. (He went to court to settle the matter with the ex MLBer.)

Over about 20 years, Feldman has given folks like Danny Bonaduce, Tanya Harding, Rodney King, Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael, Octomom and Lamar Odom a platform to perform, after some stages had been closed to them.

Damon Feldman and Lamar Odom, basketballer/boxer. Feldman is promoting the Roy Jones Jr fight versus the bodybuilder

Damon Feldman looks for that angle, and gets a spark of inspiration in usual places.

Damon's a grinder who has learned plenty of lessons the hard way.

He regrets, I think, looking to book POS George Zimmerman in a fight versus rapper DMX.

The son of the highly regarded trainer deserves props, I think, for his perseverance to his vision. Now, his adeptness at describing the “Metaverse” element in the Roy Jones Jr vs NDO fight does leave something to be desired–but I suspect his vagueness is part of the lure.

Some folks are going to seek this PPV out to satisfy their curiosity.

Feldman's dad Marty fought and trained and Damon looked to follow in his footsteps. He went the pro route, but a car accident squashed moving forward.

In 2018, he put out a book, “The 16 Minute Man,” laying out his peculiar path in life. “Most of the people that I’ve promoted have more than used up their 15 minutes of fame in the eyes of the public,” Feldman said. “I put them in the ring to give them that one extra minute to shine.”

Jake Paul Is Celebrity Boxing On HGH

Turns out he might have been a bit ahead of his time…Jake Paul changed the game, to a degree, when he skipped the line, and used his celebrity credit to build a fighting career. People still debate the quality of that “career,” yes.

Feldman gives Paul massive credit for inadvertently diverting some shine to Damon's oeuvre.

Feldman is good at working with what he has. In this case, part of the lure is the “fame” level of NDO Champ, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Feldman hopes that a good percentage of those followers will seek out the Roy Jones Jr topped PPV, on Fite TV.

Roy Jones Jr fights NDO Champ on Friday, June 30, 2023.

Here's how Jones describes the matchup: “It's kind of like Godzilla versus King Kong. You know, King Kong being the gorilla, that's what he kind of reminds me of with all the muscles and he's such a big dark figure.”

Roy cleverly teased the drama inherent: “You don't know what he's bringing. You don't know if he's gonna be a Mike Tyson puncher or a guy with a lot of muscle that can't punch at all.”

NDO promises Roy Jones Jr will regret this visit to the Metaverse. “You shouldn't have gotten in the ring with me,” he's said. “I'm a born stone killer!”


Cost is $19.99 to find out.

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