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Golden Boy Promotions on ESPN has become programming that fans have gotten used to and have enjoyed each time during the week, when there isn’t such a clutter of boxing events.

Thursday evening, there was a distinct buzz in the air that had boxing fans up and down the SoCal Coast talking about the main event all week.

Oscar “El Jaguar” Negrete and Joshua “The Professor” Franco are two fighters that are fan favorites locally, not only because of what they do in the ring but how they interact with their fans outside of the ring. With the NABF title on the line, both fighters were ready to give it their best in front of an electric hometown crowd.

Main Event: Oscar “El Jaguar” Negrete vs Joshua “The Professor” Franco

Oscar Negrete (18-1) versus Joshua Franco (14-1) lived up to the hype surrounding it. Early in the fight, Negrete was dictating the pace a bit with the over hand right but Franco was punishing the body with vicious left hooks. With both fighters throwing a high volume of punches, swelling developed in the right eye of Negrete in the fourth. Rounds five through nine saw more back and forth but you were getting the feeling that Franco was starting to edge the NABF champion a bit. Negrete slightly edged the last round but in the end, the judges saw the battle as a draw.

Co-Main Event:  Danielito “El Zorro” Zorrilla vs Dakota Linger

Danielito Zorilla (8-0) came into this fight as an under-study of the legendary Miguel Cotto. Tonight, he faced Dakota Linger (10-0) and Zorilla impressed the fight fans right away. The straight right hand was the money punch in the first round for Zorilla but in the second, it was a barrage of left hooks that ended up knocking out Dakota Linger.

Jousce “Tito” Gonzalez  vs. Ivan “Striker” Delgado

Jousce Gonzalez (8-0) faced Ivan Delgado (12-1-1), in a fight of two halves. The first three rounds, Striker couldn’t miss with the counter left hook as he was clearly landing the harder shots. In round four, Gonzalez started to land the right hook upstairs with the left hook to the body which slowed the output of Delgado. The fifth was more Gonzalez pressuring and in the last round, Delgado tried his best to sway the judges by landing a five punch combo throughout the round. The fight went to the scorecards and the fight ended in a draw.

Honorable Mention:

Carlos Caraballo (8-0),  a bantamweight who is promoted by Miguel Cotto Promotions, started the night off with a knockout of Felipe Rivas (17-21-4). Caraballo is a well composed southpaw with really good abilities fighting in a division that is loaded with talent. Cotto Promotions is developing a good stable of fighters and he will be one to keep an eye on in the future.

Golden Boy Promotions continues to fill calendar dates with frequent cards each month, in an effort to keep their fighters as active as possible. These opportunities have given these young fighters a platform to show their skills and market themselves toward a possible major fight in the future. GBP delivered another knockout event with this card and the fans couldn’t help but talk about the fights they just witnessed on their way home.

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, Abe grew up in a family who were and still are die-hard boxing fans. He started contributing boxing articles to NYF in 2017. His club show pieces allow fans to see who is next on the horizon, and his training camp check ins are much anticipated. Abe can be found on twitter @abeg718.