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Quick Tips and Know How When Betting on Boxing Matches Online



Gambling on combat sports has gotten more and more popular in recent years. And a huge number of combat sports enthusiasts have tried betting on boxing matches.

Boxing has been around since cavemen ruled and betting has evolved in such a way that it’s more than just predicting the winner.

Analyzing the fighters and knowing their history is one of your edges to win bets. Hence, we have provided an easy-to-read guide to become a proper bettor and increase your chances of winning on online betting websites.

What is Boxing?
Boxing is a form of martial art which takes place in a specified fighting zone between two fighters. Boxing in modern times may have different variations with ring sizes and fighter attributes, but the rules are still basic: You must hit the opponent, avoid their attacks and, if possible, inflict a strike so hard it renders them unconscious, or accumulate more points than the foe, to win a decision.

Boxing Bets
Like many other combat sports, setting up a bet is more than predicting who wins and who loses. Here are some common bets in the boxing world that you should know and you can see what bet type suits you.

Outright Winner
Waging on this one is pretty straightforward; you only need to pick which fighter wins the match. This betting category works best if you are confident that the fighter you picked would defeat the opponent.

Total Rounds
Total round bets are made when a boxing fight is set for 12 rounds or less. In this bet, you will wager whether the match will last less than or more than nine rounds.

This bet is an interesting take because you are not picking who wins the match, but predicting when the fight ends. This type of wager depends on the fighter’s attributes, so if the opposing fighter has an especially durable chin, you might be looking at a good payout if you bet on +9.5 (fight lasts more than nine rounds.).

However, if the opponent has a habit of winning through knockouts and tends to fight aggressively, you should take a step back and reconsider your pick.

Winning Method
This bet involves predicting how the fight ends– ie decision, KO, or draw. Online betting websites would offer odds for both fighters to win through different methods.

With extensive knowledge of the fighters, and good fortune, you may well make out ahead of the game.

Betting Strategies
Knowing about the betting methods is one thing, but understanding when and what to wager is another. This part usually takes thorough research and strategies. Here are some guides to consider before making a bet.

Matchup Styles
All participating boxers have different methods of attacking, and defending, and matching them up is rarely at equal footing. Understanding how a fighter approaches the opponent is vital to gain wins.

Some fighters are power punchers, focusing on punch strength, others rely on speed and accuracy. Pitting power punchers against quick opponents can be unpredictable to you as a bettor.

Hit Stats
Statistics are essential, as predictive values often tell what the match will look like. Check for the fighter’s average punches and jabs per round, that can often dictate their fighting style and method.

Previous Injuries and Punishments
This refers to previous injuries a boxer has incurred before. These injuries might range from a physical beating in the recent past or a recent KO loss, and that can play into how future bouts play out. On the other hand, be alert for players with little to no punishment experienced before the boxing match.

Understand that psychology plays into boxing, very much. An untested fighter may crumble from being inexperienced in a tougher than expected bout, for example.

Choose Your Fights Well
Online betting websites offer a wide variety of matches with favorable odds, which makes it tempting to throw down a bet on every single title card. Unless you can afford to lose money, consider betting fewer fights. Sometimes, it is better to maximize your bets on fewer matches, because you can do proper homework when you whittle down the subjects to study.

Keep in mind that not all main event matches consist of big payouts. Big fighters require massive betting amounts for small payouts, so if you are looking for a low-risk, high gain bet, click here for upcoming boxing matches and more so “minor” title bouts.

Whether you’re betting on more minor bouts, or world title bouts, it is never a bad idea to do research leading in, while also relying on your intuition.